Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feeling good - looking even better !

Grace - who is a big girl now aged 3 !

Martin gave me a prod in the back yesterday and reminded me I hadnt made a blog entry for a while.  He pointed out, quite rightly, that I should write about the times I feel well - not just the difficult times.

And I DO feel well.  Incredibly well actually.  Better than I have done for ages now.  Cycle 6 week 3 and minimal side effects.  Im getting out and about far more than I used to and although I still get tired Ive definitely got loads more energy.

Im loathe to write about this in a strange way, as if putting pen to paper (so to speak) will break the spell.  In the back of my mind is the fact this could change so quickly and so dramatically.  So Im just enjoying every single moment of it and not thinking too far ahead.

This week, however, brings a big dose of reality.  A CT scan on Wednesday and seeing Dr P for the results on Thursday.  This is my first CT since May and will be definative evidence of how well Sutent is working - I hope !

Im praying for good news - it has to be good news.  I feel so well and look so well and my lumps are still smaller.  In fact my 'horn' has almost disappeared now, its just a slight bump.  The pain I had in my wrist has gone completely and its been ages since I had any pain in my armpit.  So all the signs are there - I just want to see the CT report to confirm it.

Then we will definitely have something to celebrate and on the following Tuesday Martin and I are off on our cruise so we can do it in style !



rcfairy said...

It's great top read that you are feeling so well Jane.  I hope you and Martin have a fab time on the cruise.

jeadie05 said...

I pray you get good news on Thursday from your scans on Wednesday ,have a wonderful time on your cruise Jan xx

haileen2003 said...

Pleased everything is going well for you, and hope the results are good.
You so deserve the Holiday.
My BIL lost his 'fight' on 25th, we are due to go on holiday on the 3rd Oct, but will go later in the Day after his Service.
Hope your good health continues!

tattiblue said...

My husband has just started cycle 23? having started Sutent March 2004. has just had results from latest scan and all is stable still. His recist is down to 2.6 so sutent does work. Keep going Jane have a great hoilday and stay positive.

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Jane
So pleased to hear that you are feeling so good, and Martin is right - its good to read about your 'good' times as well as your 'bad' times.    Good luck with the scan next week we all hope its good news eh ?    And whats this about a cruise, where are you off to this time ?
Luv Jaynee X

cayasm said...

Glad your feeling so well, and fingers crossed your scan WILL be positive news


lippynskippy4127 said...

Jane I am thrilled everything is going so well at the moment and yes, I have been keeping up with how you are getting on, and enjoying the escapades on your vacations this year, ha! As always, thinking of you and I'm proud to know you, especially after all the campaigning you have been doing. Fantastic! Big hugs and chat soon - Lippy (& Scott) xxx