Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What i need is a vampire....

8pm Bournville ward
Queen Elizabeth hospital

Yes it is me, really it is. I've managed to wrestle control of my blog again before Martin turned it into ''great golf I have played''. this is made easier by the fact that the Q.E. has internet access available. In fact this is the only thing to make my stay bearable.You all know how much I enjoy being in hospital !!

The plan is to give me some blood, using my femoral vein if necessary. My very low H b almost certainly contributed to the confused/distressed night I had yesterday. To be honest i don't remember much about It. All i know is that Martin had a very upsetting night indeed.

So here we are Catherine and I (she has been brave enough to stay with me over night) in a nice cosy little 6 bed bay we are sharing with another lady. The docs all decided to try for peripheral access first ''you'll be lucky I thought''. And sure enough I thought, after 3 tries failed. Then we met super Dr David who much to my amazement succeeded first time and whats more the first unit of blood wizzed through and as I type the second one is just starting. How fantastic!!! one down 3 to go. Maybe i will get home tomorrow after all.

Just in time to go to St Marys for a few days restpite whilst Martin goes to France with some mates to play golf!!!

Next Tuesday I start Radiotherapy on my right shoulder (which may or may not be fractured- the docs can't make up their mind) I've only got 5 fractions to have this time so it will be all over in just over a week and wont interfere with Martins golf ( heaven forbid!!!)

and he moans about never getting chance to play.

There are no words...

Jane is just about to be admitted as an acute emergency to the cancer ward at Birmingham's QE Hospital.
She attended the cancer clinic yesterday for a routine visit and xray on a possible tumur in her right arm. The xray showed that her right shoulder was factured. At that point I saw the moment in her face where she gave up. A complete resignation from life.
I sat with her through the night, along with Caroline and Trevor our closest friends. This morning I have had to phone James to come home.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Saturday, 13 March 2010


' Your blood count is still low, you're going to need another transfusion' said Dr P. That's OK but with Jane's veins, the search for an adequate vain is usually impossible and that's exactly what happened at the hospice the other day. One bag went in very slowly then the vein collapsed and that was that.
We went back to see Dr P on Thursday and it was agreed that we should explore the possibility of a Hickman Line which would mean no more needles. Anything is better than being stabbed to death in the hand for no result. Also, due to Jane's continual pain in her legs and the MST not appearing to be working, a change of pain killer was prescribed. She started it on Friday so standby for an update on that one.
All things considered, Jane is not doing too badly. She still finds it difficult to walk any distance and gets easily frustrated and emotional when things don't go so well. She is insisting on cooking a chicken dinner tomorrow (mother's day) as the whole family are in situ (James is back from a 3 week holiday in Korea before he returns to base).
Should I dare sneak out for a quick game of golf whilst she's cooking ?
It would be a brave move indeed...... lol