Friday, 31 August 2007

Fun Day Out...

Oh yes, you can keep your Alton Towers and Drayton Manor - Ive discovered a much more exciting way of spending the day.

9am turn up at hospital, be met by a charming, but VERY camp, young doctor who proceeded to inject me with this nasty stinging stuff (isotope something) and announce 'youre now mildly radio active so dont go holding any small children or babies'

See ? dont get that on Apocolypse do you?

The scan followed which wasnt that bad - except he put a cd player on and it was Barbara Striesand !!

Then it was upstairs to drink a litre of vile contrast that tastes like Castrol GT5, another injection that makes you feel like youre weeing yourself, and yet more scans.

Honestly, Im lucky they dont charge me for all this fun and excitement!

Anyway, all done now and results this evening....


Friday, 24 August 2007


James is off to Oz next week.  For 6 months or even longer.  Im pleased for him really I am.  I encouraged him to go, it really is the best thing for him right now but oh my goodness will I miss him.

I will miss his smelly socks left lying in the living room, his muddy football kit on the kitchen floor, the delightful way he leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor and his pigsty of a bedroom.

But most of all I shall miss the way he comes into my bedroom when Ive had a bad day, plonks himself on the bed, and says 'Fancy a coffee Mum?' and he sits and chats about his night out/work/girl friend problems.

Im trying so hard to quell the little voice inside me thats saying 'this could be the last time you see him'...but its still there.  And I cant let him see that. So I shall stand there waving him off  at the airport with a big smile on my face, and then bawl my eyes out all the way home !


Update on the hump...

Saw Mr D the other evening regarding the hump and a few other niggling problems.

He had a bit of a poke and prod at it, was very non commital about what it could be as I expected, then ordered a battery of tests.  A full bone scan.  Spiral CT scan. Full bloods etc.  Seems he doesnt think its innocuous either.  So next Thursday I shall be spending all day in hospital being injected and scanned - oh joy!  At least we should have some answers though.

He did say however that he thought it should be 'whipped out'.  Not sure how I feel about this really, spinal surgery sounds just a wee bit scary.  Martin, ever sensible, said to just wait and see what the results are before getting all worked about it.....

So...more waiting.....

Radio Star....

Oh Yes !

Thats me - a Radio Star!......Well, I took part in a phone in on Radio 5 on Sunday evening at the ungodly hour of 11.30pm.  In the main it was a discussion about the  NHSs refusal to fund certain drugs to cancer patients.  Since I got involved with JWF campagain Ive benn horrified to learn how many patients are dying because of this decision by the NHS and PCTs.

Anyway, I wont rant on about it here !

It went very well, was very well received by the public and we drummed up a lot of support.....

So...onwards and upwards comrades !!


Sunday, 19 August 2007

The bells the bells.....

Yes I know I know - its been a while since my last entry.

Thats because all has been quiet on the 'Jane health front'.  Not a lot to report really.  Leak finally dried up, back to eating normally, we even had a holiday last month!

But for the past few weeks Ive been feeling weaker, and tireder, and acheyier.  And Ive developed a lump on my spine.  Oh yes, Im growing a hump!  All joking aside its a pretty worrying development.  I know it COULD be something innocuous - but lets face it....what are the chances?

Reported it to Mr D last week and hes ringing tomorrow with a 'plan'.  CT is already booked for Sept 3rd.

Results to follow.....