Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Supermarket dash !!

I've had a week off work to get a bit more exercise at the gym, play a little golf and generally relax a bit and if all goes well, get Jane out of the house. The weather put paid to the golf, a pulled shoulder muscle done for the gym so that just left me and Jane. Today, we went to Tesco's for the twice weekly shop. This is usually done on line lately but today we decided to put an appearance in person.
The weather was positively tropically compared to recent temperatures and we got a disabled spot right next to the entrance. I entered the store looking for a wheelchair with basket. Then I saw it... the electric buggy with huge basket on front. Two minutes later, I'd got the keys and was heading back to where I'd left Jane. NO NO NO were the words that met me as I appeared in front of the car. ' Oh come on, you've raced a sports car around Silverstone.. how hard can it be..' Five minutes later Jane was racing down the isles with a strange manic grin and her nico inhaler gripped in her teeth. Did anyone watch the TV series Benidorm.. the lady in the wheelchair who was a menace...!! The usually crowded isles suddenly became fairly empty, can't really say why !!!
It was a good morning all round and most importantly, I think Jane enjoyed herself.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Difficult times...

Its been a bad couple of days for Jane. She has been in some serious pain down her right side from shoulder to hip to knee. Proper pain control is vital for her which went all wrong today as she has a cold and nasty sore throat. Just after taking her MST this morning she started coughing, was sick and we weren't sure whether she had lost the benefits of the drug. We aired on the safe side but it soon became apparent that she was down on pain relief. She looked drained and for the first time, ill.

I offered words of encouragement and we worked to get her pain relief levels back up again within the correct time period but I think the damage had been done. She began talking about, "after I'm gone" and "you know what type of funeral I want don't you "

By chance, there was a clip on the news this evening about a Bristol kidney cancer patient who was on a trial with Afinitor and how it has extended his life by 6 months. Some stats came up saying how the drug can extent patients' life by up to 5 months as opposed to 2 without it. Jane is now into her 6 month on the drug not to mention the many months on Sutent before hand. For that we are so very very grateful and thank those responsible, manufacturer to prescriber from the bottom of our hearts, the extra time has been priceless to us.