Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Annual dinner contd.....

Thank you Nick for replying so quickly on behalf of the JWF - although I was a little surprised to see it here on my blog !

I was delighted to hear that last year a number of patients were able to attend the annual dinner and your aim is certainly not to exclude patients. However, by pricing the tickets so high - 120 pounds IS high even by London prices - you are excluding many of us - albeit unintentionally. Surely there must be some way of reducing that cost and raising money on the night itself? The way it comes across at the moment is more of a corporate charity event with a table priced at 1100 pounds - tax deductible of course for companies but not for individuals.

Maybe some changes could be considered for next year?

Anyway, thank you again for your reply and hopefully we will meet again soon,



Sybil said...

Hi what excitment when I opened up tonight..not one but THREE entries from you..I am just back from a four day trip to Fife in Scotland, driven 9 hours today !! but before I hit the deck just had to check in on my friends...
I am so annoyed with the Annual dinner fiasco...I sometimes dispair of "charities"
But on teh happy side gla dthat you are still at home and managing albeit slowly to get around and give us news.
much Love to you all sybil xx

nick said...

Aggg! There has been some confusion. I am nothing to do with the James Whale foundation.

I'm the chap you used to spar with on the old AOL board.

Sorry about the mix-up, Jane.

Jane said...

No confusion Nick. If you look at the comment left on behalf of the JWF it was from Nick Turkentine (who I know)
Nice to see you are still reading my blog anyway !!

nick said...

Sorry, Jane, yes, I've just re-read it.

Jackie said...

Hi Jane are you back on the bucket list? there must be some small things on it that you will complete this summer? gentle things that take little out of you but give you much pleasure in return?
How is the new drug going? I cannot believe it's been so many months since you first went onto it from sutent.
I'm still on the sutent, but have dropped to a lower dose due to toxicity.
Hope the sun is warming you to the core and making life easier for you Jane. xx