Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Christmas !!

I had an early Christmas present yesterday - and it will certainly be the best one Ive ever received. Oh yes you can keep your diamonds and fur coats and sports cars. Yesterday I was told by Dr P that the tumours he can feel are shrinking. All of them. By quite a lot. Which means I not only have stability but I now have shrinkage. Its almost too good to be true, I keep pinching myself to make sure Im not dreaming.
Im due a CT scan in a couple of weeks just to confirm this but as far as Im concerned the celebrations start now.

Christmas is a time to count your blessings and this year I have so many I dont know where to start. But its also a time to remember those who havnt been as lucky as I am, so on Christmas Day I shall be raising a glass to my friends who have died this year.....and also to all my friends who have supported and encouraged me. That will be quite a few glasses !

Happy Christmas everyone - and a very healthy New Year!!


mortonlake said...

i cried. with happiness for a change.im so,so glad love.in all the time i have read your journal youve never sounded so happy.wonderful news.have a lovely christmas,and may 2009 bring you nothing but good fortune and health. take care,as always,love mort xxxx

Tattiblue said...

I am soo happy for you, what better news could you have, Malcolm has also had some good news after a somewhat rocky month. We raise our glasses to you and your family for a Happy and Healthy 2009

Yasmin said...

What fantastic news Jayne you have fought this disease with courage and heartened to see your winning.

Merry Merry Christmas, and and even better 2009.



Michelle said...

That is wonderful news!!!
I will keep you in my prayers that you will continue to have wonderful news in the months and years to come!!!

Merry Christmas!



Sybil said...

I am overcome with happiness for you and all your lovely family and friends. This is the kind of news that we woudl all wish to have at Christams....Thank You... Have the most wonderful Christmas ever...as if I need to say that !!

Much Love Sybil xxx

colleen said...

Merry Christmas Jane. . yes thats the best xmas present ever! Im sooooo happy for you.Cheers (clinks glass)

LYN said...

well I'll drink to that my dear!! bestest news!! yay!!

ADB said...

Great news, Jane, I'm so happy for you. Hope you had a whale of a time this xmas.


Anonymous said...