Monday, 2 February 2009

Wake me when spring arrives !

Snow has hit most of the UK and as usual here the country has ground to a standstill. I managed to drive the short distance to my GP's surgery, very slowly and carefully, in order to see the chiropodist about my corn. Yes, its back. And this time it has a little friend with it. So this time I had 2 holes hacked in the sole of my foot.

To be honest it didnt really bother me as it did prove a slight distraction from the pain Im still getting in my side. Basically the pain patches arn't working. And the paracetamols Im taking just arn't strong enough. I cant sleep. Every time I turn over I wake up with the pain - and also wake Martin up with my groaning. This is getting a bit wearing to be honest. Ive been in pain before, sometimes quite severe pain after an operation, but Ive always known it was temporary - it would get better. This time I dont know that. And Im worried its going to get worse.
So yesterday I called Mary and told her I was still in considerable pain. After consulting with a doctor at the hospice she suggested I try Tramadol MR. Now Ive had Tramadol before and its a very good pain killer but it can make you feel very 'dopey' and this is something I really want to avoid. But the MR (modified release) tablets work slowly over 12 hours and should prevent that. At least thats the idea.
I took the first one yesterday morning and within half an hour the pain had gone. Within another half an hour I felt like I was drunk ! Very very sleepy and slurring my words a little ! And very sick. I had no choice but to take to my bed where I slept for 3 hours - and woke feeling a little better, but still sleepy and nauseous. I took another one last night and slept straight through to the morning which is most unlike me - but I still feel very sleepy and sick now. My next dose is due in an hour and Im wondering whether to take it or not - maybe my body just needs a couple of days to get used to it? It is a great pain killer but I cant spend the rest of my life asleep !
(ps...Ive just taken it so I may be hibernating for the rest of the day!)


Jan said...

Try it for a few days ,you might adjust ,and after lots of sleepless nights with the pain ,maybe it will do you good to have a few ZZZZs,and sleep is a great healer ,keep warm Jan xx

Yasmin said...

Sorry the new medication is making you feel poorly but as Jan says it might take a few days to get used to it,.

Take care


mortonlake said...

tramadol had the same effect on me jane.but if you can tolerate it it is a good painkiller.and lets face it,this weather you can hibernate,lol.hope pain improves love,take care,love mort xxxx

ADB said...

Give it a few more days, Jane, but if it really makes your life a misery, discuss with the dr.