Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I have always been a 'Tesco's Girly'. I love Tesco. Having a family of 5 (now all adults) to feed value for money has aways been important and where else can you buy a kettle for less than 5 pounds?

Yesterday however I was cursing them. I had my pain patch on, had dosed myself up with paracetamols, and set off to do the weekly shop. As long as I didnt bend down or twist I was fine. Quite comfortable. Bending down is definitely the worst - it seems to 'squash' my new lump under my ribs and results in a very sharp shooting pain.

The Tescos I shop at is huge. Massive, spread over 2 floors, and it can take well over an hour just to walk around and do the shopping on a good day. Yesterday it took me 2. Because, as I discovered very early on, everything I needed was either on the top shelf - or even worse - the bottom. Having to stretch up or bend down to pick up an item and then bend down to put it in my trolley left me in agony by the time I reached the check out - and in a very bad mood !

Some time ago I was issued with a 'blue badge' which enables me to park in disabled parking places. When Im feeling well I dont use it - I dont need to. But when Im feeling unwell or in pain like yesterday I do. Tesco has 2 huge long rows of disabled spots and as it wasnt particularly busy I managed to park quite close to the main entrance. In the past Ive had a few 'funny looks' from people when I use my blue badge - probably because on the outside I look quite healthy and fit. It just goes to show all disabilities arn't visible on the outside.

So I trundled my trolley back to the car and started to load my bags into the boot - grimacing every time I had to yet again bend down. During this process, I had about 12 heavy bags, I noticed a lady standing at the front of my car staring at me. She was leaning on a couple of sticks just staring at me and staring at the badge displayed on the dashboard of my car. By this time I had had enough - "Just say one word and Ill kick your sticks from under you" I muttered under my breath. Fortunately, for her, she wandered off but was still glancing over her shoulder at me.

What is it with these people? Just because I dont use a wheelchair or have a walking stick they seem to think Im not entitled to my blue badge. Maybe I should have a tattoo on my forehead saying 'I have cancer and am on chemo and get short of breath and have to run to the loo regularly and am in pain and you will almost certainly live a lot longer than me'

Anyway - back to Tesco - please could you put all the things I want to buy on the middle shelf from now on?


mortonlake said...

oh dont get me now have a blue badge,after ages of saying i wouldnt,reason being when i take mum shopping i pull into disabled space,unload wheelchair,get her in,i used to still get glared at.last friday i pulled in,got the badge out,popped it on the screen.some miserable old git in car near me was loading his want to park in other bays,not there.pardon? says i.nowt wrong with you by the look,bloody skiver. i said sweetly,ive got MS,f****d back,arthitis and just had a massive heart were saying? pratt.take care hun,keep at em mort xxx

Sybil said...

Oh Dear Jane what a day you sure had. I can sympathise with you very much. I have a bad back and am only jut 4ft6.!! even on my tiptoes..I can't seem to reachthe high spots. My friend Mary always goes shopping with me..she walks with 2 elbow crutches...they are GREAT...I point out what we need she riases her crutch whilst I hang on to case she falls over !..and she hooks whatever down and I ty to catch it !! Why are there never people around when we need for blue badge..well it is my most precious possesion.. almost.. but the looks I get when I park are worthy to be on candid camera sometimes... Ah well thats life...
Keep smiling dear friend,,
Love Sybil xx

Yasmin said...

I'm a Tesco's girlie too, sorry to hear shopping was an ordeal, however the nature of your ilnnes is your buisnees and you wouldn't have been given it if you didn't need it, what next do you have to arrive in an ambulance to proove your need for a disbaled sticker, I would swear but i think you get my drift.

Take care


ADB said...

Ignore the funny looks, Jane. In a way, it's a shame you need the badge, but just as well you have it now. I'm a tall chap and bending down to get things from the bottom shelf can be a pain as well lol

Jan said...

Oh Jane bless your heart ,and yes as you say ,we just dont know what our fellow man/woman is experiancing do we ?good for you doing the family shop ,and next time you see the fierce person with sticks ,let us know ,we'll come and get her for you Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, you are obviously much more cultured than we are here in the States. I get looked at all the time and often hear comments from other handicapped people, some of whom are much older (I am 57). I just use the good old American reply, "Bite me" and go about my business. You have nothing to apologize for. You set a great example by shopping alone. Cheers.

katymine said...

Diagnosed with RCC September 2007, radical nephrectomy and told it was a surgical cure .... Ha... 4 Lung mets found Oct 2008.

Just started week 4 of my first series of Sutent and found some things that helped with the side effects. It was posted on the Breast Cancer website using chamomile elixir for mouth sores. I put 10 drops in 1/2 cup of warm water and gargle 3 times a day. On the second day of using it and it seems better today.

And have been eating ginger for the nausea. Again I found a clinical trial treating nausea in chemo patients by drinking ginger tea. The best is the chocolate covered candied ginger.

Over the weekend I read your blog from the beginning, your Interlukin experience mirrored mine but somehow they were able to get 12 doses in the first time and 13 the second but that 13th nearly killed me. The sad part is it didn't work at all and double the nodules in my lungs so I went from 4 to 8.

Found your blog by reading Manual Lopez blog..... Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

My health insurance pays for the Sutent but the process is not easy to get it approved. It took the Oncologist office a week to finally get it approved and filled. If I cannot return to work and keep my insurance, American Medicare does not pay for Sutent.