Friday, 8 May 2009


I kind of suspected there would be a price to pay for my feeling so well, and doing so much, during the weeks filming. And oh boy I wasn't wrong. The past few days, during week 4 of Sutent, have possibly been the worst ever.

I spent them either sleeping, running to the loo or being sick. On Tuesday night I felt so ill I thought "Ok, this is it" I'm pretty sure Martin did too as he was fussing and fretting not knowing what to do. It was an horrendous night with all sorts of thoughts running through my head such as "I havn't done this or that yet and Im not READY"

I havn't finished my memory boxes for the children yet. I havn't finalised my funeral plans. And I need to do these whilst I'm well - its no good waiting till the last moment.

On Wednesday morning I woke feeling a little better and yesterday I had an appointment with Dr P. It was very quiet again, eerily quiet and I only had to wait about 10 minutes to see him. My blood results were normal, absolutely normal. He said I was looking really well, and to be honest by then I was feeling much better. So we put this blip in my general health down to being over tired, not eating much and taking my drugs on an empty stomach - NOT a good idea!

However we did discuss the fact that I have been taking Sutent, at the highest dose, for over 15 months now with only a weeks break between cycles. In effect this only gives me a few days a month 'Sutent free'. The standard break between cycles is 2 weeks to allow your body a bit of a rest so we decided that this month that is exactly what I will do. Have 2 weeks break. Ofcourse I'm running the risk of my tumours growing during the second week, like they did before, but I can monitor them and if they show signs of growing, or become painful, start taking Sutent again.

2 weeks off !!
Its like a birthday present !
And just in time for Brasil !

And in the meantime I'm getting on with those funeral plans......


Andy said...

I can understand exactly how you feel. Completed my third course of chemotherapy on Sunday. Felt fine for the first couple of days but than felt absolutely drained. Fortunately I seem to be on the mend now.
Andy x

mortonlake said...

think its a good idea jane.have a rest.let your body have a break,as you say,monitor,and start if you feel concern.brasil??did i miss something?you off to brasil? way to go hun.thats why i admire you so much.make evry moment count.take care,my best wishes,as always,love mort xx

Sybil said...

Hi Jane sorry that you had to suffer for your stardom ! but It should be good as Dr says to have a wee break and I am praying that this time tehs tumors don't realise and just stay the same !
Brasil sounds as if it will be great and certainly a challenge. When is it you are away ? Take care, God Bless.
Love Sybil x