Saturday, 2 May 2009

Thats a wrap !!

Saturday was the final day of filming. Caroline and I went into Birmingham to the Mailbox to do a bit of shopping - well, mainly window shopping due to the prices in there!
Daniel and the crew filmed us mainly from a distance so we just wandered around, looking in shop windows and gossiping away. The sun was shining again, what a glorious week we had weather wise, so we sat outside having coffee and were interviewed together. This was quite emotional - talking about how we had been best friends for 33 years and how she felt about my illness. There were a few tears but also a lot of laughter which kind of sums up Caroline and me.

We all returned home for a bit more filming which included Martin, dressed in his best gardening gear, putting up his bean sticks ! Then finally, at 4pm, Daniel announced "Thats a wrap!" and the crew, along with their mountain of gear, piled into their van and were gone. It was quite sad saying good bye to them - for 4 days they had been here as part of the family and we had all got used to them being around. It even seemed quite normal for Jose to dive into my cleavage and fiddle with my radio mike and bra !

It was only when they left that I realised how exhausted I was - I think I had been running on adrenaline. At first I was so worried about doing a good job in representing KC patients but, with Daniels help, soon relaxed. In fact we all had a lot fun making the documentary - In the end I loved being a 'film star' for a few days and all the attention we got - people coming up and asking if we were filming 'Wife Swap' or 'Secret Millionaire' !


LYN said...

I was on a tv show a few years back..they made over a military spouse freind of was amazing how much footage they filmed and only used a tiny bit of was very exciting like you said and a bit of a let down and also a relief when they 'wrapped"

i love wife swap by theway!!

Andrew Petcher said...

I will look forward to seeing the finished product. Keep everyone informed on progress towards transmission. So glad that you enjoyed it and had a good time.

mortonlake said...

well done jane,looking forward to seeing it on tv.still waiting for that autograph,lol.take mort xx

Matthew said...

Cannot wait to see the finished production, which channel is it on and when?

Yasmin said...

Well done you for getting the message about KC out there...can't wait for the programme to abe aired.