Thursday, 17 December 2009


Jane is still fighting an infection in the operation site on her right leg. She is at home and is able to read emails and comments on the blog however to sit still and write an entry is beyond her best efforts at the moment.
We hope to attend the surgeons clinic this Tuesday to either get the all clear on the swabs or go back into hospital to explore what is going on in there. The other leg, the main operation is all fine. Ironic isn't it !!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jane so glad for Martins update, so cross for you to have to be held up by this infection,am sure when they get the swabs back on tuesday all will be ok.You have had such a rough patch and really feel that things are going to go right for you now, you remain in my thoughts and prayers you have made such a big impression on so many peoples lives,you are an awesome lady.

Andy said...

Thank you for the update. I hope you manage to get it sorted out on Tuesday.

ADB said...

Hope they can get it sorted next week, Martin. Thanks very much for keeping us posted.


karen said...

oh Jane, so sorry to hear that this is lingering - hope you get it all sorted away on Tuesday, in time to celebrate the Holidays with your family. Looking forward to having the true, wacky you back blogging for us. Much good luck and many hugs from across the pond,
Karen in Ottawa Canada

Joanne said...

Thank you Martin. Jane, keep on being strong. You can & will do it.

Shirley said...

Thanks Martin for keeping us all informed.
Jane you are a fighter. Hope u will get it sorted out on Tuesday.
God Bless
Much Love.

Deb said...

Thinking of you everyday Jane and so happy to read Martin's update today. Hang in there girl....hoping that nasty infection soon subsides.
Take care dear,

Sybil said...

My Dear Jane, Thank Martin so much for his update for us. I look in a coule of times every day in the hop ethat there is news.. I am so sorry that your leg has had this horrible infection but hope and pray that the infection is begining to respond. Just wish I coudl be near you to wrap you up in my arms...Hope all goes well at hospital. If Martin has a minute perhaps he could give us an update.
Much Love Sybil xxx

Jackie said...

Thank you so much Martin for being Jane's p.a on top of all the other hats you wear!
Glad to hear it's sort of moving in the right direction. At least one leg is healed now the other can get full attention to get that one sorted too!
Love to you all.
Jackie x

Daria said...

I'm a bit behind reading your blog ... hope things are on the up and up.