Friday, 23 March 2007

What a rollercoaster.....

No entry for the last week cos Ive been in hospital....again.  More of that later.

My recovery continued apace for the next few weeks, although I was very uncomfortable, especially in bed at night.  We had many a disturbed night with me groaning as I tried to turn on my side.  Its still impossible even now to lie on my left side where the rib was removed.  Apparently Cher had one removed from each side to make her waist smaller....the womans barking !

I managed to potter round Tescos with Martin although it completely wore me out and even went out for a meal for Martins birthday. 

2 weeks after surgery we went to see Mr D for my histology results.  He said I was looking remarkably well, which I was, and feeling it too considering the operation Id had.  My tumour was staged as 3a....not the best but by no means the worst. It had spread but only locally to one lymph node and my para aortic nodes were clear.  So a CT scan for April was arranged and Id see him again in May.

However, just 2 weeks later I noticed my tummy getting bigger and harder.  I tried to ignore it but the next week had to ring Mr Ds nurse, Nula, for some advice.  I went to see her and Mr D a couple of days later to be told I had Ascites....which is fluid in the abdominal cavity.  Crap.  Just when I thought I was really on the mend.  So it was back into hospital the following Monday, looking 12 months pregnant, to have over 5 litres of fluid drained off !

This fluid is Chyle.  Its produced by a leak in the lymphatic system and is basically fat, it looks just like breast milk.  Its a pretty rare complication of the operation I had and can be difficult to manage.  Great huh?  Im now on a totally fat free diet (cardboard and grass basically) with some nutritional drinks (oh yum yum) to supplement my diet.  Im totally comitted though cos the alternative is to be fed by tube, which I will really HATE !  I have to weigh myself every 2 days and return to see my new consultant, Dr Boulton the gastro man, in 2 weeks.

I have to admit this has come as a bit of a blow and for a while I became very despondant.  Carol visited, bless her, and chatting to her got things into perspective again... I dont know what Id do without her.

On the up side I should loose loads of weight !!  Size zero here I come !  On the down side it seems I have a fairly long haul ahead as this condition can take a while to settle.  So fingers crossed and pass the dry toast!



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