Thursday, 29 March 2007

Good day bad day.....

Thats how it seems to go at the moment.  This morning I woke in agony, not sure why.  I spent most of the night tossing and turning and I think Ive pulled what few stomach muscles I have left.  Weighed myself again, lost more weight which is encouraging.

Ive been reading the KCUK Forum a lot lately, and scaring myself to death at times, but it appears I need to get myself referred, either now or in the future, to a RCC Oncology Specialist.  The nearest is at Christies in Manchester.  Could be worse I suppose at least its not London.  But there they do all the research and fight for funding for the new drugs like Sutent, and it looks as if Ill need that sometime in the future.  Im not sure if Martins health scheme will pay for that, its 30K a year, so I have to keep an eye on getting it on the NHS.  It seems each PCT has different guidelines and some will pay some wont.  What a dreadful state of affairs.

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