Monday, 9 April 2007

At last....

......three days in a row I have woken up pain free.  Im almost frightened to mention it in case Im tempting providence, especially after the past week.

I went back to see Mr D last Monday because the pain in my chest wall was becoming unbearable, and pretty scary.  He didnt seem too concerned, but at least reassured me it wasnt anything too sinister.  The rest of the week the pain moved along my scar, Im convinced it was the deep sutures finally disolving.  And now its gone.  Just slight discomfort now.  Which I can ignore quite happily.  Thats the first time in 8 weeks Ive been totally pain free.

Wednesday I went back to see Dr B - life seems to revolve around hospitals and doctors right now.  He examined me and declared me ascites free.  Then said to both Martin and I 'Looks like you may have found a cure'!! So he didnt expect this fat free diet to work really.  Well it seems to have and Im SO relieved.  Im still being really careful what I eat but having the odd low fat thing now.  Hes brought my CT scan foward so he can have a look at the lymph nodes that are left, so it should be in the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday (Easter Sunday) we had a really lovely day. Carol, Trev, David, Sarah and Grace came to lunch, the weather was lovely and I felt almost normal.  No, better than that actually I DID feel normal and we had a lovely relaxing day and a good laugh and even the fact I couldnt eat the meal I cooked didnt put a damper on it.

So, tentatively, and holding my breath, Im walking forwards and NOT looking over my shoulder.  And Im ready for the next thing.


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