Monday, 2 April 2007

If its not one thing.........

.........its another.

Well, Ive been sticking to the cardboard and grass diet rigidly for over a week now and my weight has fluctuated a bit but in general its gone down.  So thats a good sign.  Tummy is soft and not as big either.  Another good sign.  But.....

Theres always a but isnt there?  Ive developed this pain, well searing pain is more the word for it.  Directly over where I had the chest drain and the pain is the same.  I have a horrid feeling Ive either torn something or have a hernia.  Its really bad at night when Im lying down and if I turn over or get up.  Ive had it for a few days now and it isnt getting better so Im going to get an appt with Mr D this week and see what it is.

On a lighter note the family are all well.  Catherine has started her job at the pub with James and seems to be enjoying it, well enjoying the money she gets at least!  She prefers waitressing to pot washing (wouldnt we all?) and is hoping she will get more of that soon.  Edward has started at Kings Norton Golf Club and loves it does Martin !!  Now the weather is nicer and we have lighter evenings I dont think Ill be seeing much of either of them!


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