Sunday, 19 August 2007

The bells the bells.....

Yes I know I know - its been a while since my last entry.

Thats because all has been quiet on the 'Jane health front'.  Not a lot to report really.  Leak finally dried up, back to eating normally, we even had a holiday last month!

But for the past few weeks Ive been feeling weaker, and tireder, and acheyier.  And Ive developed a lump on my spine.  Oh yes, Im growing a hump!  All joking aside its a pretty worrying development.  I know it COULD be something innocuous - but lets face it....what are the chances?

Reported it to Mr D last week and hes ringing tomorrow with a 'plan'.  CT is already booked for Sept 3rd.

Results to follow.....


dreamyriver said...

Fingers crossed it is innocuous, Jane - but did you not know that a hump is this season's greatest fashion accessory? :)

spriteverdixx said...

Thanks Dreamy !  
I should know at the end of next week what my 'hump' is.
As for it being the latest fashion accessory I always knew I was 'cutting edge' !