Friday, 31 August 2007

Fun Day Out...

Oh yes, you can keep your Alton Towers and Drayton Manor - Ive discovered a much more exciting way of spending the day.

9am turn up at hospital, be met by a charming, but VERY camp, young doctor who proceeded to inject me with this nasty stinging stuff (isotope something) and announce 'youre now mildly radio active so dont go holding any small children or babies'

See ? dont get that on Apocolypse do you?

The scan followed which wasnt that bad - except he put a cd player on and it was Barbara Striesand !!

Then it was upstairs to drink a litre of vile contrast that tastes like Castrol GT5, another injection that makes you feel like youre weeing yourself, and yet more scans.

Honestly, Im lucky they dont charge me for all this fun and excitement!

Anyway, all done now and results this evening....


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