Friday, 24 August 2007


James is off to Oz next week.  For 6 months or even longer.  Im pleased for him really I am.  I encouraged him to go, it really is the best thing for him right now but oh my goodness will I miss him.

I will miss his smelly socks left lying in the living room, his muddy football kit on the kitchen floor, the delightful way he leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor and his pigsty of a bedroom.

But most of all I shall miss the way he comes into my bedroom when Ive had a bad day, plonks himself on the bed, and says 'Fancy a coffee Mum?' and he sits and chats about his night out/work/girl friend problems.

Im trying so hard to quell the little voice inside me thats saying 'this could be the last time you see him'...but its still there.  And I cant let him see that. So I shall stand there waving him off  at the airport with a big smile on my face, and then bawl my eyes out all the way home !


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voluptuousvan1ty said...

It must be so difficult to happily wave goodbye. I'd find it really hard if I didn't see my kids for that long in any circumstances, let alone yours, Jane.

Your attitude to your illness, your words, your courage, it all inspires me - YOU inspire me!

Thank you.