Tuesday, 25 March 2008


....I go into the QE to have my Hickman line removed.  Or rather 'yanked out' as it was described to me.  Apparently its quite a simple procedure but has to be done in theatre by a surgeon 'just in case'.

Just in case of what I wonder?  Probably best not to think about that I guess.  It will mean a whole day on the ward waiting for a slot in theatre which doesnt sound like a lot of fun.  It will be worth it though, Im really fed up of this piece of tubing sticking out of my chest.  It doesnt cause any real problems apart from at night when I often roll over and end up with the clamp impaled on my boob.  Thats painful !

Im hoping to resolve the 'hair situation' later this week.  Im having it cut Ive decided.  Quite short.  It really is tatty now.  If I had saved the amount that has fallen out I could have knitted a jumper !  Ofcourse I shall have a big bald patch shaved in it next week when I have the horn removed anyway so maybe that wont be so visible with a shorter style?  Or is that just wishful thinking? haha




rcfairy said...

You'll be glad to get the Hickman out.  Re the hair once you've had it cut and then have a shaved patch - if your hair is brown or even dark blonde then you could lightly dust the shaved area with eyebrow powder using a blusher brush (Lancombe do a good eyebrow powder).  Obviously it won't make the patch invisible but it will help it to blend in and be less immediately visible.

pharmolo said...

Good luck with the Hickman removal, Jane - hope the hair grows back beautifully :-)

cayasm said...

Good luck with the Hickman line removal tommorrow.

Take care


pamal3 said...

Hey Jane. Fingers crossed for a speedy "in and out" removal tomorrow. I think the same as your first comment or If you don't want that then what about some of the fancy headscarves? I am sure that whatever you decide will be the right decision. Keeping you In my thoughts and prayers. Love Pam xx

mollyseagram said...

I hope everything went well. At least your boob won't be impaled !

Some light relief.

Your courage amazes me. Keep fighting girl!



jeadie05 said...

I hope by now the hickman line is out ,and it didnt create any problems for you ,good luck at the hair dressers ..love Jan xx

faircolleen said...

I hope everything went well with having the Hickman line out.What about some nice scarves?Or better still what about a wig ? Or maybe not. . its up to you and bet you look ok anyway.Sending you a hug.