Monday, 2 June 2008


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Its almost 17 months since I was diagnosed.  I dont usually take a lot of notice of statistics, especially when they are depressing, but this is one time Im happy to say Im beating them - well and truly.  I really shouldnt be here.

I try not to dwell on that fact too often, but yesterday I was watching the news of yet another KC patient fighting for funding for Sutent and it was stated that without treatment a patient with mRcc (advanced kidney cancer) has only a few months to live.  Ofcourse I knew this, but to have it publically announced was a bit of a shock.

For a while now I have been thinking about making 'Memory Boxes' for the children and Im going to make a start on them this week.  Ofcourse being in their teens, and older, they will have well established memories of me anyway, so these will consist of stories of when they were born, when they were babies.  Photos and the odd bits and pieces Ive kept over the years - the silly things that we Mums collect, cards and letters for future birthdays/special days, and little gifts.

Ive put off doing this until now because I find it incredibly upsetting just to think about it, but this is such a wonderful opportunity, Im so lucky to have it and I really must make the most of it.

How many parents get the chance to actually sit down and write to their children and tell them how much they love them, to describe the day that they were born and how special they are each in their own way?

At the end of the day memories are all we leave behind but they can help to shape the future and its important they should be positive, happy ones. 

So today I shall make a start, knowing full well Ill be crying buckets whilst I do it - but hoping Im creating some smiles for the future.



sybilsybil45 said...

Dear Jane,  I am glad that you are keeping strong. That is the way to face the world for sure.  I think that is a wonderful thing to do making a memory box...dosn't matter how old the "children" are  they will allways be your bairns...It will be ever so hard and as you say many tears will fall but that is all for the better as it will release tensions that inevitably build up and sometimes can't be spoken of.  I have even written long letter to my dearest God daughter saying many things to her and that was hard enough...Never mind despite it all lets hope the rain clears and you will have a sunny day. I am away into Bath at 8.10am !! as Mary has a hospital appointment at 9am. if the rain clears IF we will trundle down to M&S as we both need new bra's  !  Love  Sybil xx

pamal3 said...

Morning Jane. Love the photo's. Memory boxes are a brilliant Idea. Right, Pop the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa, and get comfy, I am about to send you an email. ;-) Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

What a lovely thing to do ,I hope you can keep strong ,in order to do it ,I saw that programe too , Jan xx

shrbrisc said...

Those memories will be priceless to them , it is very thoughtful what you are doing.Congratulations on your caring award .

mortonlake said...

jane,what  a lovely  idea         your  children  will love  reading  them        i  just  pray  hun           wont  be  for  long  long  while.   so  glad  the  sutent  is  working  so well.  sleeping  a  lot  is  your  bodies  way  of  trying  to  mend  itself     sounds  as  if  its  doing  a  good  job.heres  to  another  year jane.  and  you  are  in  my  thoughts  and  prayers             take  care  love  mort   xxxxxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Jane, now jus stop it - you have me in tears here.     What a wonderful, loving, caring Mother you are.
Jaynee X

cayasm said...

What a great Idea, memories are so important, as they shape the future as well as the past. Joyce at my extremely simple life does something similar called reflections

Also to congratulate you on your "Caring Friend Reward" from Pam at almost40.

Take care


lv2trnscrb said...

hi; first time commenting in your journal; wanted to tell you congratulates for receiving Pam's caring person award; I think that Memory Box for your children is such an excellent idea!! I bet it will be treasured!!


faircolleen said...

You made me all teary eyed but I do think its the right thing to do.I bet you will feel better knowing you have done this too.Your kids are lovely.

larryzzzz said...

I think that`s a great idea Sprite,and though  it`s going to be incredibly hard going I imagine, writing those memories down,  ur kids, who look a handful btw (!), will treasure them for the rest of their lives.

Good luck on that cruise , Pina coladas all round ???!!!

zoepaul6968 said...

not only is that a brave thing to do,but an honourable one,it will also give you happy as well as sad emotions,being organised and positive keeps us strong,we are all here behind you every step of the way hun zoe xx

cvgflydis said...

I think this is one of the most important endeavors you will accomplish. I wish my own Mother had done something like this. But I have so much more, as well.

Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for continued AMAZING results!