Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shit....... I allowed to say that on my Blog?

Because I was saying that very frequently on Monday afternoon.

As we all know I have no veins left after my IL2 treatment.  Well obviously I do have them but they are small and deep and for the purposes of getting a needle into them I only really have two small ones left - one on the top of each hand.

I informed the doctor of this when he came to cannulate me prior to my CT scan.  And he promptly ignored me and started stabbing my left arm.  I repeated it and even showed him the small veins on my hands - he ignored me yet again and turned to my right arm.  He then turned to the nurse and said this patient has 'difficult' veins.


Remember me?  the patient??  who actually KNOWS about her veins and has just told you ?

Then (and this is where the 'shit' comes in) he tried the inside of my wrist - possibly the most painful place to have a needle inserted.  By this time I was getting really cross as you can imagine and practically shoved my hand in his face and said 'Try there!'

So finally he did - but made a mess of that and only managed to get a tiny pink venflon in which is really too thin to take the contrast which is injected.  And that means when it is injected it REALLY hurts.

7 stab wounds later, and a badly bruised left hand, finally the CT was finished.

There are idiots in this world and unfortunately some of them are doctors - and I was unlucky enough to meet up with one on Monday.....



jeadie05 said...

Oh my Goodness you could have done without that couldnt you ? I hope the results of the scan were good after all that Jan xx

tellsg said...

Ow, so sorry to hear about your awful appointment.  I think Shit was a good word to say.  Hugs, Tells x

pamal3 said...

Hi Jane, Is It any wonder you are furious. How Irresponsible of him. What a first class plonker. That has made me mad reading that. I had to go and get blood taken yesterday and like you, have next to no veins. The nurse just went for It and I wanted to ask her to take It out as the pain In my whole arm was so bad. I thought she must've hit a nerve as It was still really sore an hour afterwards. I have never experienced that before and most certainly don't want to again. I will Inform her of this the next time I go and you should just swing your handbag round your head and belt that doctor, as he sounds too stupid to listen to people. I hope your hand is okay. I loved your opening question. You just say whatever you like on your blog, Good job It wasn't me It would have been like this all the way through... *********!! lol. Love Pam xx

cayasm said...

It would have so much easier had he listened instead of making such a hash of it all not wonder your angry, and yes it's your blog and your allowed to swear.
Hope there's good news for your results,

Take care


shrbrisc said...

ouch honey you can say anything you want I would of been saying probably a lot more .. I hope the results are good news

devilzangel83666 said...

Sounds like the one who turned a perfectly good vein in my arm into something resembling a red fountain, mind you she hadn't slept for about 4 days by the look of her!

Hope the results are good x

funnyface0s0 said...

I think shit is a very good word to say .......i could feel that pain as i read your entry.  
Take care - Luv Jaynee X