Tuesday, 24 June 2008

New friends.

Were here !  On the ship, right now, gently rolling from side to side.  The sea is like a mill pond but Caroline is complaining of feeling queasy - she will never make a salty sea dog Ive decided.

The, very early, flight went smoothly and we soon landed at Palma airport to be gathered into the very efficent arms of the cruise company.  It was great - they tag your bags and take them away and the next time you see them is in your cabin.  Then then take your picture, give you a swipe card thingy and you are off to the ship.

Ofcourse Caroline and I, being cruise 'virgins' had slightly confused and baffled looks on our faces most of the time.  This was spotted by a couple of sweet old ladies who homed in on us and took us under their wings.  This being their 8th cruise they are experts and they were soon giving us the low down on life aboard ship.

So now, Marion and Barbara, with a combined age of about 287, are our new best mates.  They popped up everywhere we went yesterday, Im slightly concerned they may be stalking us !  haha..

Our cabin, I have to say, is bigger than I was expecting.  Plenty of storage, a nice bathroom, and even a dressing table.  And the beds are quite comfy.  We dont have a window or port hole but its air conditioned and has a telly and telephone.

By the time we had unpacked - put our bikinis on and smothered Caroline in white emulsion (she is very pale) it was lunch time.  Killing two birds with one stone we went and ate on the top deck, there are 10, in the sunshine.  Boy it was hot.  Ofcourse we were still in port in Palma then with little breeze. 

Off to the Poop Deck, which we found very easily, for some sun bathing.  There must be something about us that attracts elderly people I think because we hadnt been lying there for more than 5 mins when a nice old chap stood next to us and announced 'I was conscripted at 18 you know?'  So then we had half an hour of 'Navy' chat and another new best friend.  Thats Maz, Barbs and Perce now.  I guess its not really surprising beacuse the average age on here must be about 60 - and with all the attendant wheelchairs, zimmers and walking sticks I feel positively glowing with health !

A couple of hours of sun is quite enough for the first day so we went off to properly explore the ship - all 10 decks of it.  There is a lift but there is usually a queue of zimmer frames waiting for it so we used the stairs - we're gong to be so fit by the end of this week !  Needless to say we got lost - several times - but we are kind of getting the hang of it now. 

We tried another restaurant, there are 3, for dinner and the food is lovely - loads of it and a huge selection.  Alcohol is expensive though so when we go ashore tomorrow we are going to smuggle a bottle of scotch back on board - thats for Caroline ofcourse because I hardly drink <koff!>

At 9pm the nightlife kicked off - it was all a bit 'Hi de Hi' for us to be honest so we ducked out of that, had a couple of drinks, and an early night !  What lightweights huh?  I bet Maz, Barbs and Perce were boogying into the small hours !

Today is spent at sea - with a packed line up of entertainment including a seminar on 'Napkin Folding'.....so thats another days sunbathing for us it appears !



sybilsybil45 said...

I am so happy that you managed to get in touch with us..I now can hardly wait to here about all your adventures...take it easy...enjoy every minute..as if I have to tell you that !!  Much Love  Sybil xx

pamal3 said...

Oh Jane I nearly peed my pants reading this entry! lmao. I don't know what was worse...your new pals or covering caroline In emulsion!! I can't stop laughing. i think you should limit your sunbathing to go to that seminar..You never know, you could learn how to make a fan or a chicken or a mini fridge! lol. So good to hear your antics. Carry On Cruising at It's best! ;-) Keep me posted please. Good luck with the Scotch smuggling. Love Pam xx

shrbrisc said...

sounds like you are having a blast ..

cayasm said...

Wish I was there, you two are going to have a lot of fun, really good post, thanks for sharing, and with the olders ones looking out for you, you can't go wrong..lol.

Have fun

Take care


funnyface0s0 said...

Yay, Go Girlies Go !!!!    that was for Maz and Barbs ....LOL.......sounds like you are gonna have such fun .... i am soooooo jealous !!!  
Can't wait to read more about 'The Cruise'..... bring it on !!
Luv Jaynee X

mortonlake said...

book me in for  the napkin folding  please  hun        lol           you have a fantastic  time  love.   take care  jane  lots of  love  mort  xxx

thompsonb31 said...

I can't find the washing machine or the hoover...... Martin & the kids (remember us?)