Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hello Blogger !

Well here I am in my new home, Blogger. The migration process was much easier than I expected - in fact it was simple. Not too sure about the font though, but I suppose I'll get used to it. In fact Blogger has quite a few extra features, which when I have worked out how to use them, should prove very useful.

Mary, my MacMillan nurse, managed to hunt me down this week after me avoiding her for a couple of months. Its not that I dont like her, she's lovely, it's just that Im not ready for the whole MacMillan/Hospice thing yet - especially whilst Im still feeling so well. Martin has recently completed a 'carers course' at the Hospice which he says he found very useful. Mainly because he knows that the support is there, both emotional and practical, when the need should arise. Personally I think he enjoyed the home made cake and company of the nurses !
Anyway, Mary and I had a lovely chat and decided that I would contact her if and when I need her and she would phone every couple of months to make sure Im ok.
I know the time is going to come when I do need her and its comforting to know she is there, ready.

No two cycles on Sutent are the same, side effects wise, so it's no real surprise that whilst last month was easy, this month is already proving to be quite difficult. Week 2 of cycle 7 (seven already !) and my hands are falling to pieces, my mouth is sore, Im running to the loo regularly and suffering the most awful cramps. I get cramp in the strangest places - along my shins, in my hands and in my stomach and its so painful for a few moments it literally doubles me up. But it doesnt last long. And its just a side effect of the drug that is keeping me alive. However it can be a bit embarrassing when it hits me in the middle of Tescos and Im bent over the frozen food counter groaning !

One 'side effect' Im trying to ignore at the moment is the amount of weight I put on during our cruise. Despite all the exercise I put on 7 lbs - and Martin 10 lbs ! I defy anyone not to put on weight with all the fabulous food that was on offer. It will come off slowly Im sure - just in time for the next one !

I know Ive only been back from our cruise just over a week but Ive got itchy feet again. There are so many places I want to see and although the 'panic' I felt until recently to try and do everything at once has passed, I still feel the need to not waste a single moment. At the end of this month Martin and I are going to Biarritz for a long weekend. Years ago, before we married, we drove to the South of France, camped, and loved it. We have always promised ourselves we would return and now seems a really good time to go. This time, with only 4 days, we are flying there - and staying in the loveliest little French hotel. I'll be in the fourth week of Sutent then so I hope there are plenty of loos handy !

Martin is already worrying about what I may be planning next - he is running out of leave from work !


ADB said...

Welcome to Blogger, Jane, I'm pleased you're settled in here now. You should be able to alter the fonts quite easily in the Fonts and Colours section of the Layout menu. Hope the side-effects of the Sutent do not get any worse for you, and wishing Martin and yourself strength for times to come.


Yasmin said...

Hi Jane welcome, good to se you here, love hreading about your travel, and glad you are still doing well despite the side effects this time round, but as long as the Stutent is doing it's job, Biarritz sounds fab.

Take care


LYN said...


tinkerbell said...

Hope you have a super weekend, do hope your medication doesnt give you to much to put up with, love your blog wish you well with so many good wishes to continue your travels

Funnyface said...

Hi Jane, I know what you mean about the MacMillian Nurse, my Mum felt the same ! You keep planning all those travels, sounds fab :o)
Much love, Jaynee X

Debbie said...

Hi Jane

this is Debbie from my website www.myhusbandskidneycancer.com You left a comment on my blog sometime ago and I'd really like to keep in contact...I wonder if you'd mind sending me your email and we can keep in touch. My email is daandrews@persona.ca...
I don't give this particular email to my viewers.
also, I'd like invite you to our chat forum on my website any evening. I know the time difference will be later your way as we usually get on around 7:30ADT. We can probably set another time if you'd like to chat live with other cancer patients sometime It's becoming a great means of communicating with other patients and caregivers.
In the meantime, I'd love for you to keep in touch. thanks once again for your kind comments. as I said in my blog, my husband was only given 3 mos to live.....that was 30mos ago!!! Wow....everyday there is so much more being learned about this type of cancer..hang in there, you can beat the odds.
Take care,

ps I've also posted your glog address on my website....