Friday, 24 April 2009

Janie Oliver !

Ofcourse it was pretty inevitable that on Thursday when Grace came she would steal the spotlight - completely and utterly. How on earth could I compete with a cute, clever and charismatic three and a half year old?

We were filming a normal day when Grace visits. And this always starts with us making a cake. Or rather I make a cake and Grace licks the mixing bowl ! So today my kitchen was full of lights and cameras and sound equipment and crew filming me making a Victoria sponge - so no pressure then ! Fortunately it turned out perfectly and in the true nature of all cooking programmes the crew demolished it later.

I had an appointment to have my BP checked in the afternoon and it was a very surprised Jean (my Practice Nurse) who welcomed us all into her room. My blood pressure was quite high but Jean said we would ignore that reading and I could return when things were less stressful !

I then popped in for a quick chat with Dr Arora, who it turns out is a complete professional on camera, and provided some really useful footage.

The weather was gorgeous, unusually sunny and warm for April, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden filming the kids playing with Grace - the point of this is to emphasise how important and special this 'extra' time I have been given is. Not just for big events in my life - but for our ordinary everyday family life. Every day we spend together is precious now, and although it isnt a concious thought, we just thoroughly relish them.


mortonlake said...

i missed previous entries hun,this is for a documementary about the diff sutent has made? hope you gave them your journal entries,you take care always,in awe,love mort xxxx gonna stop saying in awe,you beyond that now.lets leave it as,you rock girl.xx gissa autograph?famous.can i sell my story of how i gave you a blog award to the sun ya think???lol.hmmmmmmmmm

Andy said...

Children always manage to steal the limelight dont they!
Andy xx