Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lights, Camera, Action !!

Normally I can hold an articulate, sensible conversation with most people. Yesterday, however I discovered if you shine bright lights on me and place a camera a few feet from my face I turn into a gibbering idiot. Daniel, the lovely director, assured me I was making complete sense but it certainly didn't feel like that from where I was sitting !

The crew arrived and within minutes the ground floor of my house was turned into a spaghetti junction of cables and wires leading to lights and cameras and monitors and boxes and sound equipment - it was amazing how much stuff was needed just to do an interview. It spilled out of the front door and onto our drive causing many curious glances from passers by. I had a radio mike (more of that later) attached and was soon sitting in our front room making the 'master interview'.
During this time Martin and the kids arrived back home and very sensibly sat in the garden out of the way and keeping very quiet as the sensitive sound equipment picked up everything. As did the radio mike when it wasn't switched off as I found out. During a short break I went into the garden to chat to them and, how can I put this delicately, thought it would be a good chance to eject some 'wind' discreetly. Except it wasn't discreet - it was amplified much to the amusement of the crew !!
We did a bit more filming of me sitting at the computer pretending to blog and then finally, after 6 hours, it was a 'wrap' !
We were all tired and very hungry so the crew piled all their equipment back into the van and we all went out and had dinner together which was lovely - I finally got to chat to the sound man who had his hand down the front of my cleavage adjusting my mike all afternoon !


Andy said...

Look forward to seeing the programme.
Andy xx

ADB said...

Let us know when your program will be aired, Jane. Sounds like you did well (lol)

Jacki said...

Looking forward to the program.

I've left you an award over on my blog!

pam said...

Still laughing at the wind scenario. that would be soooo me! lol. Glad you had a good time. I am still really excited to hear about this. Please email me If I am not on to tell me when It aires. Love Pam xx

Tattiblue said...

looking forward to seeing the programme and so glad you are well as are we.

mortonlake said...

must see this when it mort xx

Yasmin said...

Will look out for this when aired..

Take care


Jan said...

Ah Fame at last ,look out Meryl Streep ,like everyone I am looking forward to seeing your film Jane ,who is Grace ,she sounds lots of fun ,..lots of love Jan xx