Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Spiritual Healing.

My brother, Matt, has lived in Rio for 8 years now. As I have described earlier in this blog life is very different over there. A short while ago I received an email from him telling me about a friend of his who was quite seriously ill and required an operation. Whilst waiting for this he visited a church in Rio and received spiritual healing - and to the amazement of his doctor was completely cured.

After this Matt visited the same church for a problem he had been suffering from for the past few years and his experience there led him to urge me to fly over and try it out for myself !
Spiritual healing is very much a part of the mainstream church over there and is accepted as much by both priests and parishioners.

Im very open minded about such things - so Im going. On May 19th. I shall be visiting the church Matt went to and also going to Brasillia to see Joao de Deus (John of God) who is a very famous healer there.

It can do no harm - Matt has described what happened to him - and I have nothing to lose.

Im not grasping at straws - I know the score. But the best western medicine can offer me is an extention to my life, and although its working brilliantly right now I feel its worth exploring other possibilities. At the very least I shall see my brother and his family again and have a lovely holiday in Brasil....and have something fascinating to write about in this blog !


leslie said...

hi jane i have rcc and have poeple praying for me. I have grade 4 stage 4b cancer. but the cancer has gone from the brian and the liver and reduced in size in the lungs, it is three months since I last had treatment. I am telling you this for encouragement. best regards les.

Donna said...

Best of luck. Nothing is too difficult for God.

Yasmin said...

Why not Jane can't hurt, and like, and it's hope. You'll have a great time seeing your brother and a good holiday to boot.

Take care


ADB said...

Agree with Yasmin, it won't do any harm and will give you a boost.

Anonymous said...

lean not on your own understanding but trust in God and his ways. Life without God is not life and I belief that you are going in trust hope and I pray faith, you will remain in my daily prayers

Sybil said...

It is true that our Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. HIS will be done..

Have a lovely trip. It will be so exciting seeing your brother etc. and we will all enjoy hearing all about your latest adventure. You really are a most amazing woman !!

Much Love sybil xx

Slacker Mom said...

My Mother received a "laying on of hands" by some of her husbands family (Pentecoste religion). Although neither myself or my Mother believed in this, afterwards she told me she felt something in the area of her cancer. She couldn't quite explain it, but said definitely, "something happened".

I agree, it can't hurt and if it offers you what it has for your brother and friend, then I'd be on the first plane there! Good luck!

Jackie said...

I have heard wonderful 'miracles' that have occured so anything is worth a try! Go with an open mind and let things take their course.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Go with it Jane ~ put yourself into Gods hands ~ such a safe place to be ~
Have a good holiday and a safe journey ~ Ally x