Sunday, 14 June 2009

NICE strike again

I'm not quite sure what qualifications are required to be the chairman of NICE - but it appears the ability to shoot yourself in the foot is one of them.

NICE have a new chairman - Prof David Barnett - and next week during a programme called 'The Price of Life' he accuses terminally ill patients of being 'blinkered'. As if thats not bad enough he then goes on to compare the use of life extending medicines to buying a car.

Dying patients who demand drugs on NHS labelled 'blinkered' - Telegraph

I shall be watching this programme with interest - I havn't met Prof Barnett yet but I'm sure our paths will cross very soon.

Oh, and by the way Prof Barnett - PLEASE don't tell me the NHS can't afford to fund these new drugs when last year it had a 75 million pounds surplus in it's budget.

What exactly were you saving that for?

To buy Ronaldo?


Deb said...

Seems as though Prof. Barnett needs a dose of reality about just what being diagnosed with terminal cancer means to the patients and his/her family. He's never been in that sitation and I'm very surprised a person of his so-called "professional" stature would utter such a terrible comparison of life-saving drugs being = to a luxury car!
I'm going to find a contact email/address for him and pass along a few of my concerns and need I say "my expression of disgust".
Good for you Jane with your comments through the public media on this matter!

Anonymous said...

You keep at it Jane, you are such a wonderful person, NO ONE can deny what you are saying, you are living proof of the valuable help given with these drugs.I can not understand this guys very pompus ancaring attitude , not the right guy for the job!!!.

Andy said...

I have often wondered what these people would do if it was there nearest and dearest who needed these drugs. I bet the money would be found somewhere for them. They must remember that everybody is someones nearest and dearest though.


Andrew Petcher said...

Keep campaigning because you will definately make a difference!!!

Funnyface said...

Hello Jane - excellent post. I echo everyones comments and would also like to add that Prof Barnett needs to be hunted down and be made to apologise for his words and at the very least his superiors should accept his resignation for being so thoughtless/careless.
Big Love, Jaynee X

Yasmin said...

Well him you don't need, can't even imagine what his words did to you and fellow suffers of this diesease.

Keep up the pressure for beeter treatment and rid us of this postcode lottery..everybody id entitled to the proper care.