Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bad news....and a bit more bad news !

I went to see Mr D last evening for my results.  I really really hoped I would get a definitive answer but it seems its not to be just yet.

Basically, my bones scan was ok.  No sign of any cancer, just a bit of arthritis in my right hip and left knee !

But my CT was a different story.  It was reported by a different radiologist, usually Dr M (Scan man) does it.  I think he was on holiday this week.  Anyway it was very non commital, but still said enough to worry Mr D and me.  I have an enlarged lymph node (about 4cm which IS big) on my left lung.  Plus 'multiple lesions' on my liver which could, or could not be, cysts or mets.  Very helpful.  Sit on the fence why dont you?

Anyway, Mr D has arranged for Dr M to both do an ultra sound on my liver on Monday afternoon and also review the scans - so we should get some answers then.

Hes also going to operate and remove the lump on my spine, which we are still not sure what it is.  Best thing is to get it off and send it for histology.  This will be on Thursday.  So I have another bumper fun week ahead of me !

How do I feel?......well a bit worried still.  'Multiple lesions' doesnt sound good in anyones book.  Mr D said they could be, and are most likely 'early changes' early metastatic disease.

Martin and I went for a curry after to chat and settle down before we went home.  And I drank most of a bottle of red wine just to teach my liver a lesson !


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