Thursday, 17 January 2008

A Future....

Today is my Birthday.....

And yesterday I had the very best birthday present I could ever have wished for.

It didnt have a very auspicious start, I had to go the Anti Coag clinic in the morning to have some blood taken - and desperately trying to preserve the good vein in my left arm in the hope I would need it for a PIC line next week, it took the phlebotomist 3 attempts to get some.  My veins, or rather the lack of them, are getting to be a standing joke now.

We set off in plenty of time for the dreaded drive up the M6 and it was a good job.  The weather and traffic were awful and in the end we arrived just in time.  Not that we needed to have worried, all the clinics were running 2 hours late.  This is very common on a Thursday afternoon apparently and most of the 'regulars' turn up with sandwiches!

I had some more blood taken, was weighed (I darnt say how much weight I put on during our holiday) and we sat down expecting a very long wait.

It was only about 20 mins later that we were called in to see Prof H but by this time I was virtually shaking with nerves.  Andrea, his nurse was there too.  He didnt keep me waiting any longer and launced straight into my results....

"Well, IL2 is working - and its working really well"

I just burst into tears - which confused Andrea a bit who asked if they were tears of happiness !

Prof H carried on....

"The tumour on your lung has gone.  Completely.  Of the two on your lymph nodes one shows 'significant' shrinkage, the other shows shrinkage"

Im still speechless.

"So lets give it a good blast this time and that should finish the job"

And that was that.  Just a few small things to sort out, putting me on Clexane injections instead of Warfin, which I can do at home.  Deciding to stick with trying another PIC line and not going for a Hickman.  Both Prof H andAndrea looked really happy, it must be fantastic to give this type of news.

" We will see you on Monday then Jane"

I dont think I had spoken more than half a dozen words - which is most unusual for me !

I was stunned....absolutely stunned.  I had really worked myself up to expecting bad news, I knew the odds, the small % of patients who benefit from this treatment, the nasty insiduous nature of this disease, and I was prepared for the worst.

But its worked.  And its worked really well.  And its continuing to work - IL2 carries on working for several months after youve had the treatment.

And today is my Birthday.....which seems so appropriate.



parkphil said...

Jane a very very Happy Birthday, I hope you have some champagne.
I have read your blog, it is extremely moving and shows just how brave a person can be, I am so thrilled for you and your family, keep going, you can do this and beat it.  God Bless you, Diane

rcfairy said...

Congratulations all round!  I hope that you enjoy your birthday hugely!

devilzangel83666 said...

OMG happy birthday!!! and wow, I logged on to see if you'd updated and I'm a bit teary here now!

Yayyyy!!!! xx

infectiia said...

OH WOW!  thats the best birthday present you could wish for!  Well done, im soooo pleased for you :oD
Dammit, now im gonna have to go fix me mascara lol
Brilliant news Jane, Have a fantastic day, you can enjoy it now xxx

infectiia said...

OH WOW!  thats the best birthday present you could wish for!  Well done, im soooo pleased for you :oD
Dammit, now im gonna have to go fix me mascara lol
Brilliant news Jane, Have a fantastic day, you can enjoy it now xxx

geminisolox said...

How wonderful !!  Happy Happy Birthday!  Gem xx

rumer136 said...

That is great news Jane!! Am so happy for you, enjoy your day and let yourself be spoilt!
Julie xx

ntown1976 said...

JANE!!!  I'm more relieved than euphoric.  But the bad news is I think I'm going to kill you.  And that is only if your luck is really, really in!  <Waves a reproving finger at Jane>  

I logged on regularly to your block from about 7.00 last night and my heart sank when there was no entry after your previous one -- and neither any posts by you on the board.  I really feared the worst.  I'm thrilled beyond words to have been proved wrong, obviously.  The fact that it's your birthday today WILL be taken into consideration, but may not be enough to save you.  

In other words, please, please, please PRETTY please, don't keep such wonderful news from us for so long again.

As to the rest, you're battle-hardened, up for the scrap (you've always been that) and you have the momentum on your side.  By the sounds of it, round 2 will be unpleasant as well, but you know what to expect, and this IL2 stuff is just as vicious to it as it is to you -- and will hopefully banish IT for good.

Oh, and happy birthday, Jane.

mentor4wealth65 said...


I can't tell you how pleased I am for you. It's wonderful news.

ally123130585918 said...

Jane Happy Birthday ~ have a lovely special day ~ so happy to hear your good news ~ Ally x

millieukgirl said...

Am new to your journal but wanted to say Hi and tell you that I have read from start to finish before commenting.  You are truly an inspiration - and I am so happy to hear your fantastic news!!

I got quite emotional reading it, as I too have has some good news regarding my 18 year old daughter, who is battling cancer right now...we got results yesterday that her tumour is shrinking!

And it's your Birthday too...wonderful!

Very Many happy returns to you!

Millie (private me if you want to snoop in lol)

ukgal36 said...

Belated Happy Birthday and congrats on the great news!!

jusnow173 said...

Thank goodness you have had some good news at last.I'm so pleased for you.Have a wonderful birthday Jane.Best wishes to you and your lovely family.Julie.xx

cayasm said...

Happy Happy Birthday, what fantastic news for you, I know that the treament is rigoourous and debilitating, but you came through and will do so again,your fight against this disease has been nothing short of inspirational.
Enjoy your day
Take care


nia2311 said...

Hi Jane! Fantastic news! I hope the next course of treatment goes well and that you continue to win the fight against this horrible disease. Have a great birthday! Loadsa luv Nia xxx

charliemouse70 said...

Blinkin' heck, I'm glad I read this today - Fantastic news Jane!!
No wonder it's such a good birthday.
Enjoy the tapas & wine - I rather think you will!

faircolleen said...

Awwwww. . . .am blinking away the tears of happiness! The waiting room wait is nervewracking .How fabulous it feels too to get such good news!And what a lovely birthday present for you.IL2 is such aggressive treatment but let it smash the cancer right off.Have a lovely lovely birthday and let the worries drift away.

zoepaul6968 said...

A very very happy birthday to you hun,well done take care zoe xxxxxxxxxx

pharmolo said...

Happy birthday, Jane, and I'm over the moon for you regarding the news you had for the IL2 treatment. All strength for the next lot of zapping.

jeadie05 said...

Very many   many Happy Returns of the day ,What fantastic news ,You must all be delighted ,good luck next week for whats to come ,Bless you Jan xx

dreamyriver said...

That is absolutely incredible news - I'm so happy to read that the horrors of the treatment have been worthwhile. Congratulations on that, Spritey, and I hope the rest of your birthday lived up to that :)

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jane - Happy, Happy Birthday - such relief eh?    Now you can be even more positive and next week will be fab.  Congratulations
Luv Jaynee x