Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A picture of health.... how Dr P described me as I bounced into his room yesterday morning.  And its true.  I do look a picture of health.  I have a lovely tan and havnt lost any weight yet, my eyes are sparkling and I feel well.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to both of us when he announced after examining me that the tumours under my arm had definitely grown.  I explained what had happened, the fact that while taking Sutent they all shrunk, but the moment I stopped they seemed to start growing again, and became painful.

So it seems that whilst Sutent is in fact working (hurrah!) the aggressive nature of my cancer now means that during the 2 week break the tumours start growing again.  The tiny thread veins next to my nose have reappeared again too, although the lump there is still minute.

There are two options to try and prevent this happening - one is to have radiation on my axilla (a nasty and not very sucessful treatment) the other is to take Sutent continuously, without a 2 week break between cycles.  That doesnt sound like a bunch of fun either !

Anyway, the upshot is, I started Sutent again yesterday and will have a scan in 3 weeks.  Hopefully at that stage it will show stability in my disease as Dr P has to apply for further funding for me.  The original approval was for 2 cycles, then the effectivness has to be assessed before further cycles can be approved.  Then he will also decide if Im to take it continuously, or have radiation.  That should put an end to my looking so healthy!......ha ha !

To counteract that Ive decided its imperative I retain my lovely tan and have booked a holiday for myself and my friend Carol to go to Cyprus next month - well thats my excuse and Im  sticking to it !

Its her 50th birthday in November and I cant possibly think that far ahead so we have decided to celebrate it early - lying in the sunshine and being waited on hand and foot !  On a more serious note though, it will be lovely for us to spend some time together whilst Im still well, we have been friends for so long now and we deserve this time.  This is one of the positive aspects of knowing you arnt going to be around for very much longer - you can make really good use of the time - be with the people you love - make happy memories for everyone. 

And yes - spoil yourself a little - why not?.......



pamal3 said...

Jane. Thank You so much for your email. If you could see me now you would be having a right laugh! I am In huge bright pink jammie bottoms, a very small unflattering clingy top and my hair looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! lol. So. In comparison to me, you will be In the model department! You have Inspired me to get off my fat lazy butt and do more for Cancer charities. I am rallying up my friends for different activities. We need to destroy this bloody evil. I am so pleased you are going to be holidaying with your friend. Sounds amazing. Get loads of pics to make me green with jealousy! lol. I will make the back garden this year If I am lucky and hope to Invest In a paddling pool and trampoline!! lol. Catch you soon my friend. Take Care. Love Pam xx

cayasm said...

IF taking Stutent continuously means that it zaps those tumors, well thats okay, your so positive and upbeat, which is entirely to my mind the right attitude, also hope the funding for you continued treament comes through, it's scandolous that it's just not available to all who need it. A week in Cyprus sounds fab a really girlie holiday just the ticket.

Take care


sybilsybil45 said...

Definately go and enjoy yourself...memories are teh one thing that can't be taken from us and keep us going for much longer than we can think they would. My Mother was "dying" for almost 17 years...and I am quite quite sure it was the prospect of a holiday that kept her going I took her all over these last few years and Oh the memories I now have.  I am sorry you have to take the Sutent so much..but if it can help....well...thats teh way it has to be.  Much Love  Sybil x

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jane, you sound a picture of health too !   Go have a fab time with your friend, i think its a wonderful idea.  
Jaynee X

tellsg said...

Hopefully the sutent will control the situation if taken continuously and its absolutely great that you are looking good and also feeling well too.  Great news about your holiday with your best friend, I know you'll have a fabulous time.  Hugs, Tells x

cockbarra said...

I`m sure everyone has sent in messages of support after reading the latest in ur round of Dr.s tests/examinations Sprite..

so I`ll just say you make sure u and Carol have a bloody good holiday, live ur life to the full girl, u sound like u deserve every bit of it xx

thompsonb31 said...

Comes to something that you find your wife is going on holiday with her best friend by reading her blogg... I'll have to give 'the lads' a ring and book that golfing break in Spain. (only joking, she told me she'd booked it, but only after the payment had gone through !!)  Martin (hubby)

jeadie05 said...

Good for you booking your holiday with Carol ,it will be lovely for you both ,have just read what Martin put on your blog ,ha haa He's found you out lol Jan xx