Friday, 9 May 2008

Escape to the sun.....

.......and we certainly did.  We had a wonderful time, so relaxing and stress free and the weather was perfect all week.  Weve been to Fuerteventura so many times now it feels like a second home and the familiarity suited me very well this time, it was comforting.

We stayed in the same apartments as we did last year for our anniversary, but this time had a lovely one with a terrace over looking the pool.  It was very quiet for May, more than half the apartments were empty, probably due to the strong Euro right now which has made a big impact on British holidaymakers.  Not so the Germans though having the Euro themselves.

The days were spent either on one of the gorgeous beaches, or lazing by the pool - pure heaven.  I managed to swim every day, although very gingerly and not very far !  Martin went off surfing a couple of times and emerged with tales of death defying manouvers in the waves !

We discovered a new cocktail bar and Martin decided to try a Long Island Iced Tea - sounds pretty harmless doesnt it?  Until you see the list of spirits in it....which Martin obviously didnt as he downed it almost in one.  He pronounced it to be very nice and refreshing, with a slight kick to it.  Slight?...After 2 glasses of red wine with our meal he slurred at me that he had 'forgotten where he had parked the car'.  Which was probably a very good job as our journey, on foot, back to the apartment, was definitely of the 'zig zag' variety.

Once back he perked up and became extremely 'romantic' - until I pointed out to him that as he had trouble finding the car he would almost certainly suffer the same fate with my 'lady bits'.  So instead he collapsed on the bed and fell straight to sleep.  Hes such a lightweight !

The kids were great and seemed to thrive on the responsibility of being on their own.  They took turns at cooking etc.. and the elder 2 made sure Edward was up and ready for school on time  I think we shall have to leave them more often !

On thewhole I coped with the holiday pretty well - the side effects I was suffering from Sutent were still tolerable.  A bit of queasiness, sore mouth and reduced appetite and a general feeling of tiredness.  Monitoring my lumps every day, which I just cant help doing, showed that although they hadnt shrunk they certainly hadnt grown - and that was good enough for me.  I took my last tablet on the day we came home (7th May) and started a 2 week break before the next cycle.

However, since then (and its only Friday now) I have felt increasingly ill.  At first I put it down to just being tired after travelling, but today on checking the lump under my arm I found it has grown from the size of a Minstrel to the size of a golf ball.  And it hurts.  And my neck hurts where one of my glands is either swollen or is metastatic now.  I have to face it - this is very bad news indeed.  If Sutent is working then the tumours shouldnt grow at all - even when on a 2 week break.  Im not due to see Dr P until 20th but I shall have to call for an emergency appointment next week.  If Sutent isnt working as it now seems we will have to do some very fast thinking and try to come up with another plan.  If there is one......

Still, on the upside, I do have a fabulous tan !



pamal3 said...

Damn that disease. I have been waiting on you coming home to find out how the holiday went. All seemed fine until the last part. Jane, Bloody hell. I hope to god this gets sorted out and put under control for you. I feel so helpless. All I can do Is tell you I have you and your family In my thoughts and prayers and I am so mad I could scream. Not the best things to write in a comment but i can't help the way i feel. I just want all of this to go away for you. Apologies for my lanuage. Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Dear Jane Iam so pleased you had such a lovely holiday ,Ido hope you can get to see your Doc ,and he has a contingensy plan ,I keep you in my prayers ,well done to your young uns keeping things good at home Jan xx

cayasm said...

Glad you had a good holiday the two of you desevre it, Long Island Iced Tea it's lethal can just imagine the walk glad the kids coped well and the house was clearly in peice on your return. You can only keep fighting which is what your doing and doing it so well I might add, hope you can get your appointment to see what the next step is.

Take care


tellsg said...

Pleased to hear you had a great time away and really funny reading about it.  Keeping everything crossed that Sutent may just be slow working.  Hugs, Tells x

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jane, your holiday sounded fab, it must have been so good for the two of you. Sorry to hear the downside tho - this wretched disease.  Call your Doc and get that appointment..... onward and upward.
Much love
Jaynee X

mortonlake said...

oh jane           so glad the holiday went well        and  you had such a good time,  but  the last  bit.        oh love.      really hope n pray you will be ok.     you  fight on love.            take care           mort xxx

sybilsybil45 said...

Morning Jane,  I am so glad that you had such a good holiday. It is great to have memories to look back on and the Long Island iced tea evening is sute one !!  what is in long island iced tea anyway ?? lol   I am sorry though that these lumps seem to be on th eincrease again. Please do give the clinic a call and I am sure they will know the best t hing to do.  Love Sybil x

cvgflydis said...

I'm so glad you two enjoyed your time together! I agree with everyone else, MAKE that appointment. The 20th is too long to wait. I hope all goes well for you.