Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cycle 8 !

The clinic was eerily quiet on Thursday when I went for my 6 weekly check up. Usually it is packed with standing room only and running at least an hour behind time. But this morning there was only me and a couple of 'prostates'.

I know they were 'prostates' because, unusually for men, they were chatting away together about their condition and treatment. Men are generally pretty reluctant to talk about anything to do with their 'bits' (unless its to boast about the size) but these 2 chaps treated me to a full description of both the operation they had and the examinations required. This made me smile. Especially as their wives were joining in with much gusto !

When the clinic is quiet I always wonder why. What has happened? Where is everybody? I get used to seeing the same faces week after week so its noticable when one disappears - have they got better? or have they succumbed?

Dr P was busy with a poorly patient so yet again I was called in to see his registrar. I always think its a good sign when you are 'demoted' to see the registrar - and yet again it was. Everything is fine. My blood results, surprisingly, are still normal. I say surprisingly because I have been on the highest dose of Sutent for over 8 months now and it is, after all, a toxic drug.

We had a quick chat about how I was feeling, which is great at the moment, and about how I feel at the end of each cycle, which is pretty grotty. The answer to this would be to reduce the dose I am taking but to take it continuously, so I am getting the same amount of Sutent but evened out over the cycle. Which sounds like a great idea to me. However, she wasnt prepared to make that decision until I have had my next CT scan which is due in the beginning of Janurary and discussed it with Dr P. So all in all another positive and very encouraging visit for me.

Today is Carolines 50th birthday - a day I thought I would never see. And tonight she is having a big party. And I will be there. How fantastic is that?


kje said...

that's wonderful scan and bloodwork news Jane - I'm so pleased for you. I'm sorry I missed you on our Cancer Cafe chat the other night - this last surgery has just zonked me out and I was napping at that time. I look forward to chatting with you at another time or perhaps we can link up via email or on Facebook. Although the gals on the Cafe Chat are wonderful, most of them are caregivers, so I'm always excited to find another patient who I can share info and questions with, as we have a different perspective than the caregivers.

Lori said...

It is very fantastic! I'm glad things are going well -- so far so good. Hopefully the CT scan results will mean that they can even the Sutent out continuously, and it won't give you so much trouble.

Yasmin said...

Glad things are moving in a positive direction. hope you had fun at the party.

Take care


Slacker Mom said...

I left something for you over at my blog.

I can completely understand your walking into the clinic and finding it empty. It jolted me a bit, as I remembered the times Mom went in, and came out with new friends. I wondered for a while, if they noticed she never came back.

I am SO happy that your numbers are normal and you are still fighting this!

Thank you...for allowing me to follow you through the journey and allowing me to better understand a perspective my own Mother may have had.

Jane said...

Good news about your blood tests Jane, and evening out your sutent sounds a good idea well worth a try. It's good too that you're on that expert patient thing and the other committees - the more users on thos things then the more likely they are to actually recognise patients' needs.