Thursday, 27 November 2008

Where's the loo ??

I was kind of hoping, expecting, to have an easy time this cycle. Im not sure why, maybe because I thought it would be only fair after last month. But yet again I have been plagued with diarrhoea. No matter how many loperamides I take I still find myself rushing to the loo, buttocks clenched, at least 6 times a day. Anyone who is unlucky enough to find themselves in my way on one of these sprints gets shoulder barged to the ground - Im expecting to be signed up by the All Blacks any day now ! And Im sure I should qualify for shares in Andrex !
That aside the only real problem I have right now is fatigue - and ofcourse that could be due in part to constantly being on the toilet. But this hasnt really stopped me from doing things. As long as I make sure there is a loo within sprinting distance.

On Wednesday I went to a preliminary meeting for the TeleHealth initiative - and came away with a bundle of reading material. The pilot scheme doesnt actually start until January so I have a few weeks to work my way through it - good job really because its full of 'NHS speak'.

Tomorrow it is the annual kidney cancer conference which is being held in Birmingham, so for once I dont have to travel very far. Dr. P is speaking on the care of kidney cancer patients as is a CNS on the side effects of Sutent - which could prove interesting for me, maybe Ill find another way of dealing with my 'running to the loo' syndrome.

Hmmmm......I do hope they have a loo just outside the conference hall !


mortonlake said...

no wonder tescos were out of andrex when i now went shopping. sorry tou feeling crap........ermmm rephrasing that. joking apart,there was an article i our local paper about a man just had his sutent finally paid for by his local health authority.about time have always been a source of inspiration to me love. you rock girl.take care,love mort xxx

kje said...

you go girl .... literally! look forward to hearing if your meeting tomorrow gives any fresh ideas on dealing with sutent side effects - please keep us posted - if you find a moment or two between your runs to the loo! hope to see you back on our chat one evening too - or maybe one afternoon your time

Yasmin said...

Sorry you don't feel so good, hope you get through all the litreture, you have to read, and tommorrow, you don't have sprint to far. Keep us posted on the latest news.

Take care


Jeannette said...

Must be awful for you, be careful not to get sore and please drink plenty so you do not get dehydrated. Hope you find a solution very soon.