Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Whenever I see a picture of me and my family together I always feel so short - which is quite an achievement when you realise Im 5ft 10 !

This picture was taken at Carolines party and shows just how well I look (and slightly tipsy!) at the moment.

I dont normally interact with other blogs on here, mainly because mine is about all things 'kidney cancer', but Im going to make an exception this time
2 bloggers, Yasmin and Lyn, have been kind enough to nominate me for a 'Marie Antoinette' award - which is for 'Real blogs for Real people' Im constantly amazed that anyone actually wants to read my witterings let alone give me an award ! Thank you both of you, Im really touched and when Ive had a hard think I shall pass it on.

Today, with Catherine, I am driving up to Stoke to attend another NICE question and answer session and board meeting. Im going primarily to support another patient, Kay Hopkins, in her fight to secure funding from her PCT (Stoke) for Sutent. Kay has had a dreadful battle with this particular PCT - they have even denied her the right of appeal.

Some good news on the horizon this morning - the Government have announced a new deal with pharmacutical companies which will reduce the NHS drug bill by over 400 million pounds a year. It will also reduce the cost of new and expensive cancer drugs. This, combined with the new advice NICE are to impliment in Janurary in regard to end of life drugs, SURELY will mean the end of the post code lottery for kidney cancer patients?

I shall ask the NICE board that very question


Yasmin said...

Good luck at NICE and hope yu get to ask your question which they should be able to answer!

Your welcome with the award because yours is a real blog about something real, and not only to you face your ilness bravely but you are also helping others so the award is very very well deserved.

Take care


kje said...

hi jane - congrats on the award - very much deserved! there are some people on the ACOR site asking about Sutent funding in the UK - I hope you don't mind that I referred them to your blog as I know how involved you are in that battle. So you may hear from a few of them. Look forward to chatting with you on our Cancer Cafe if you get back onto it one of these days/evenings. Really sorry I missed you on it last week - but my post-op nap was an absolute necessity that day!

Lori J said...

Dear Jane, I have just come upon your journal and have stopped to ask a special prayer for you as you walk through this very difficult valley.
May you know that you are NOT alone and He who has created you cares more for you than you can ever conceive.
Blessings and a big hug to you.

Alberta LORI


Slacker Mom said...

Man, you are ALL tall then!

Obviously, others felt the same way as I did. (award)

Good Luck with the NICE meeting and stay well!