Saturday, 30 January 2010

Goal !!

It would appear that Janes' new drug is having an effect on her blood count. Her HB levels have been right down and she has had to have a transfusion last week (two bags). However, we went for a blood test on Thursday and they were still down. Dr P is convinced it is the new drug but just to be sure we are having three more bags next week.
Having said that she reached one of her goals today... she made it up the stairs with just the use of her crutches and had a shower.. that is the first time she has been upstairs since her femur trauma many weeks ago. Oh yes .. and she found time to comment on the state of the bathroom !!

Tiredness is still a big problem and her legs ache dreadfully but the stairs have been conquered.. she'll be wanting to sleep in the same bed next, just when I've got used to a lovely king size all on my own..!!



Herrad said...

Hi Jane, Hi Martin,
Hope you have a pleasant weekend.
Thinking of you both.

ADB said...

Congratulations to Jane on conquering the stairs, well done to her! Hope the Hb count can be brought under control.


Andy said...

Congratulations to Jane on conquering the stairs.

Rose said...

That's my girl - don't let the menfolk get away with slipping standards Jane - you tell him - ha ha . Seriously tho, I'm so glad to get this update. Jane everyone is asking after you and saying Hi, everyone at Red, and PI and the Scot P team !!!You know we all miss you.
Love to you as always from Rose xx
( & all at JWF)

Jackie said...

Brilliant news! be careful on those stairs though! bet she was tired after that flight. I stop once or twice on my short flight with sutent, so after all that poor Jane has been through it truly is a mountain conquered. WELL DONE JANE. Martin I think breakfast in bed is in order too and think of the warm feet you'll have now Jane is back in the same bed!
I have read several accounts on rcc patients who have had sutent and once it stopped working they had a break and then returned to it and it is working once again, maybe this is an option for Jane if the new drug isn't doing any favours? I wish she could have some of my blood as I have too many red cells and although sutent has thinned it, it's still rich in red cells and iron! Hoping a few more bags get her energy levels up and she feels less tired soon. It has really made my weekend to read of her wonderful progress we're all so proud to know you Jane.
Jackie xx

tinkerbell said...

OH WELL DONE JANE, I've checked here each day knowing there would be good news coming, I bet that shower felt great, may you soon claim your share of the "king size bed"!!!!,as I've said before you are one awesome lady, have a good week,you remain in thought and prayer.

Jan said...

Well done Jane for ,the stairs ,hope the next three bags make things right this time ,You will feel so much better after the shower ,I think your are an admirable Lady Jan xx

Sybil said...

Thank you Martin for giving us the lates tnews of our dear Jane. Glad that she is home and is slowly improving...Here's hoping they can get the Hb count under control'
Hang on in there..
Much Love to you ALL
Sybil x

LYN said...




Yasmin said...

Good news must have been like reaching everest but well done to jane..and you better get upstairs

Take care


Funnyface said...

Hello Jane & Martin,
i think a 'getting up them stairs' party is in order Jane, you must have felt tremendous. Your strength and determination never ceases to amaze me.
Big Love
Jaynee X

Manuel Lopez said...

Kudos Jane! Martin, thanks for the updates from across the pond. Jane is lucky to have you there. Jane dear, you are a true hero to me and many others, I am sure. Your spirit and determination are very impressive. Hang tough. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the battles.

Deb said...

Hope Jane is feeling much better husband was in hospital all last week, but not cancer related, so we are both very happy to be back home again.
I know of another patient who also is on Afinitor and has to have blood transfusions...if you would like to connect with his wife, I would be more than happy to provide an email. Jane can let me know as it might be good to see what solutions they might have for the low blood.
Hang in there are doing a marvelous job!
Please pass along my best wishes to Jane, as always.

mortonlake said...

good news martin.hope things start to improve,tc mort

Slacker Mom said...

So glad to hear good news! Congrats on getting upstairs! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Ms. Jane!

And thanks to you, Martin~for keeping up the posts! (

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