Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fight for Life.....

Why are cancer patients STILL being refused treatment on the NHS because of the stupid post code lottery that seems to exist?

Adrian Cure, a kidney cancer patient who lives in the Warwickshire PCT area, has been refused Sutent as he is deemed not to be an 'exceptional case'.

How can this be?

How can you be an exceptional case in one PCT but not in another?

How can the NHS justify spending millions of pounds on funding tattoo removals and yet deny a cancer patient the only drug that can extend their life?

Its sheer madness and SO unfair.  I had my application for Sutent approved within less than 4 weeks.  No hassle, no questions.  But I live within South Birmingham PCT which is part of the Pan Birmingham Cancer Network - and they have recently announced that as from 1st April 2008 Sutent and Nexavar will be routinely prescribed and funded as treatment for advanced kidney cancer.

Adrian lives a few miles from me and has been denied it.  If he lived in Mexico or Argentina he would receive it as a matter of course.

This makes me so angry - what is the point in developing these new drugs if the NHS then refuse to fund them?

I appreciate the NHS have only a finite amount of money and decisions have to be made to spend it wisely ,but this grossly unfair situation has to change - and change soon.

Please take a moment to visit the site below and sign the petition on behalf of all the kidney cancer patients who have, and will be, denied the only drug that can extend their lives.

Thank you



Petition to: acknowledge that Cancer is a disease of our times - Why is the governement failing to step up to this challenge?.



rcfairy said...

It's a national disgrace.  Petition duly signed.

tellsg said...

I have signed your petition.  Its absolutely unfair and ridiculous that if a patient needs this drug that they are denied.  I would gladly contribute to the cost of his drugs if he is still denied.  Let us know what is happening.  I thank my lucky stars that none of my sisters had to suffer being denied the drugs that they needed during their fight for life.  Its incomprehensible that not only does someone have the trauma and fear of going through any  illness but then is denied drugs that are known to be effective just because they have the wrong post code.  We all pay the same in taxes and national insurance and are all under the National Health system so should all be equal.  I hope that this stupidity is resolved and never again should any patient have this unfair system to deal with.  Hope you are doing ok.  Hugs, Tells x

pharmolo said...

Congratulations on being Guest Editor's Pick!

pharmolo said...

The reason for the postcode lottery is pure and simple MONEY, Jane, It is an absolute disgrace. I happen to know that one of the drugs for multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer) costs £37k per annum - and that is at 2003 prices...
Can a life be quantified in pounds and pence? Don't think so.
Hope you are doing OK at the moment.


cayasm said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the postcode lottery, not to give someone a chance of life, is so wrong and if the various trusts took better control over the budgets more people would get the treat ment they need.


cayasm said...

Congratulations on getting Guest Editor picks


PS have added my name to the petition.

pamal3 said...

I agree with everything Tells wrote In comment no: 2. That's how I feel about It word for word. I have signed your petition. I hope they change their ways and soon. Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Im in agreement with everyone else here ,it is ludicrous and off course all about money ,of course Iwill sign Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Hi Jane, my name is Sugar & I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in March 07.
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Have a great weekend & lovely upcoming week.
God bless,
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helmswondermom said...

That would have to be very, very frustrating.  I hope that something does change soon.  
Congratulations on being one of Pam's picks last week.  I am new to your journal but look forward to giving it a read.