Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I dont believe it !!

Nope - I havnt turned into Victor Meldrew - Ive found another lump.

Under my right arm pit, just along from the scar where I had 5 removed from my boob.  I am utterly, utterly pissed off to be honest.  Thats 3 lumps I need removing now - one on my head, one next to my nose and now one in my armpit.  There wont be much left of me soon !

It seems so strange that IL2 is working so well on my visceral tumours but is uneffective against these skin lesions.  Prof H did warn me this was the case.  But its still depressing when they keep popping up so frequently.

Generally Im feeling much better, apart from the itching ofcourse !  Im seeing Dr P on Thursday so hopefully he will arrange for these lumps to be removed, before my next cycle of IL2.  Psychologically I think its important.  And the smaller tumour volume I have the better for my general health.

The family are now taking bets on where the next lump will appear !!




jeadie05 said...

So sorry to hear you have yet another lump ,Icant believe how cheerful you are ,or are you really ? I am pleased to hear you are feeling better in general and wish you only the bestest on Thursday when you see Dr P ...love Jan xx

cayasm said...

Don't blame you for being annoyed as it's just more to contend with, good luck for your appointment on Thursday.

Take care


tellsg said...

oh now, sorry to hear about another lump.  Hoping that all will be sorted out and pleased to read that you are feeling a bit better.  Hugs, Tells x

pharmolo said...

Oh well, at least you can still see some of the funny side of it. Hope the lumps are removed before your next course of IL2.

mortonlake said...

hope  all  goes  well         take  care mort  xx

pamal3 said...

Hello Jane. I came by, by way of Morton to say congratulations on your Nice Matters Award, that Is on Mortons journal for you and I can now see why he chose you. After reading the above entry and many of the others' you have written, I am rather lost for words at your strength and amazing ability to inject so much humour into such a heartbreaking and flaming unfair situation. It's no wonder you felt that way today, the sooner these lumps go, the better. I will say a wee prayer for you. You are In my thoughts.  Love Pam xx

faircolleen said...

So sorry that you have another lump,that must be so worrying for you but great things can be done in the hospital and Im praying that something will be done quickly.