Saturday, 26 April 2008

Shake, rattle.....and rattle a bit more...

Day 17

After behaving itself for 3 weeks my blood pressure decided it wanted a piece of the action and promptly shot up.  Not dramatically - but enough to warrant me being prescribed anti hypertensives.  So thats yet another pill to take every day.  Its not uncommon for this to happen on Sutent and you have your BP monitored very regularly.

My other side effects have stepped up a gear too - especially the sore mouth/tongue and nausea.  I find it quite difficult to eat anything other than very soft sloppy 'baby' food.

But on the whole these side effects are still tolerable and nothing compared to the severity of the ones I suffered on IL2.

In fact, Ive even discovered a new one (trust me!) - lime green wee !  Theres nothing wrong with it, its just lime green in colour!

Makes a change from bright green poo I guess !

Aside from all these fascinating bodily functions my lumps are continuing to shrink - yes they definitely are, its not just wishful thinking, I get Martin to run his hand over them every day !  So even when Im feeling really grotty this is what Im focussing on.

Actually what Im really focussing on right now is sorting out my bikinis ready for Wednesday - and writing list after list of instructions for the kids !  Im not really worried about leaving them (well maybe a little bit), Im filling up the fridge and freezer for them so I know they wont starve and Ive pointed out the white box in the corner of the kitchen which washes clothes.

They will be fine.  I just hope the cats survive the experience !



tellsg said...

Glad to read you are coping with the new pills ok, lime green pee, what can I say!  Enjoy that holiday and I am sure the cats will be fine.  Hugs, Tells x

devilzangel83666 said...

If you want to try for the full rainbow of bodily secretions I suggest you try eating a paint cube a day too. Oh the fun I used to have <ahem> Have a lovely holiday Jane!

jeadie05 said...

So very pleased to hear the lumps really are shrinking ,enjoy that holiday ,and dont worry the washing will all be there when you come back lol lime green wee ,wow Have a lovely time Jan xx

cayasm said...

Thats good news that the lumps are shrinking, and the side effects to not too severe, Glad to hear your looking forward to your Holiday, I'm sure the kids will be fine doubt they'll find the washing machine and cats do have 9 lives.
Have a great time

Take care


pamal3 said...

Not long to go now for that holiday. I hope the cats survive too! lol. I am over the moon that the lumps are going. Brilliant news. Have the most amazing holiday ever. Have a wee drink for me since I am teetotal! and make sure you get plenty of holiday fun. Love Pam xx

pharmolo said...

You're doing fine, Jane, and I hope you'll have a great trip come Wednesday

funnyface0s0 said...

You're doing good girlie - enjoy that holiday.
Big Love, Jaynee X

mortonlake said...

 glad  things  looking  bit  brighter              go,enjoy hol,have  fun       you  deserve  it.        as  for  kids                     you  REALLY  think  washing  machine will get  used???    lol  take  care     love  mort  xx

solace10 said...

Have a great holiday Jane, carry on shrinking! hope you've recorded that McC docu tonight, missing your posts already xxxx