Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Listen to your body......

.....that's what you are always told. 'Listen to your body'. And I do, really I do. The trouble is I completely ignore what it is telling me. The upshot of this is that now I'm home and completely and utterly exhausted having walked MILES whilst on our cruise. And with severe pain in my legs, hips and left shoulder. I cant even bend down to stroke the cats ! It's all my own fault I know it is.
My head tells me I should rest - but my heart says make the most of every single moment because you may never be here again. How could I stay on the ship and rest when there is Rome, or Genoa, or St Raphael to explore?
We caught the train into Rome again and the first stop was St. Peters. We queued in the boiling hot midday sun to get through security to get into the lovely calm, cool Basilica. I pointed out the small side chapel in there to Matt and Edward and said "A nun is constantly praying in there, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year" Ed replied "Doesn't she eat or sleep??" We all cracked up laughing - kids huh?
After spending an hour in there we caught an open top bus for a tour of the rest of Rome. Which was a great idea until we got stuck in Rome's dreadful traffic. And the skies darkened and thunder started to rumble around us. At the first big heavy drops of rain we jumped off the bus and decided to make our way to Rome's main station - which turned out to be a really good decision time wise.
The train back, which normally takes an hour, stopped at every single station on it's way back to the port, Cittivechia, almost doubling that time so we had a bit of a sprint to get back on board before 6pm (and I really don't do sprinting - its more of a fast waddle) We wern't the only ones - several passengers were seen running along the quayside just after 6.
Genoa is a typical old Italian town comprising of narrow cobbled streets and very steep steps leading to beautiful piazza's. It was a real struggle for me, especially up those steps, but the shops were calling and I had promised to buy Catherine a real Italian hand bag. Which I did, a beautiful cream leather one (which I shall be borrowing at the earliest opportunity!) We then sat in one of the piazza's at a cafe drinking espresso (me) and eating pizza (the boys) and watching the world go by.
The next day when we docked at St. Raphael there was no way, despite all my aches and pains, I was staying on board either. Because right in front of the ship was a long sandy beach ! So we spent the morning sunbathing (me under a big umbrella) and swimming. Lunch was a traditional, but expensive affair - Bouillabaisse - in a little restaurant on the front.
So all in all we had an absolutely fabulous time - but I'm paying for it now. And for once I AM listening to my body and resting. The washing and ironing can wait. The most important thing is to get me feeling well again and pain free. And I know I will be - a few days and I'll be as good as new (well as good as I can be!)
I recently heard a song from my childhood - a song that makes me smile and sums up my attitude to life. In fact I've decided it will be my theme song.....


Andrew Petcher said...

Glad that you enjoyed Italy it is a fabulous place. The last time I went was to Tuscany in 2006 but it rained most of the time. I'd leave the ironing all together - creases are just so fashionable!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday ~ Loved the "YouTube" Morecambe and Wise ~ Hope you will be feeling better soon ~ Ally x

Andy said...

Glad you enjoyed Rome. The last time I was there I sat in Vatican Square reading about the great train robbery in the airmail edition of The Daily Telegraph. That was 46 years ago-where has the time gone!

As for the ironing and the other chores the only advice I can give is what my step father said to my mother when she was not well, he simply said 'dont look t it'!

Hope you feel better soon.


Sybil said...

Oh dear Jane,,,you will never learn..THANK GOODNESS !!!!
But do take plenty rest time now I am sure you are sensible enough to do that once you are back on home ground. Sounds liek it was a wonderful trip yet again. It is really amazing what ou have been able to do this last year isn't it, you are a Hero in my books.
Much Love Sybil xx

LBEHLKE said...

My husband has been very much the same, not resting much. He doesn't want to miss a moment. For him that is a big change though. He used to work 2 jobs and when he was home he slept all of the time. This disease is so cruel yet humbling at the same time. It's hard to describe. Take care and I hope you feel well soon! God Bless! Lee