Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Team Jane

There are some pretty amazing people on 'Team Jane'.

Dr. P is one of course, always at the end of the phone if I need him, always available at his clinic even if you havn't got an appointment.

Then I have Mary my MacMillan nurse. Again, always available on the phone and if I need help urgently she swings into action instantly.

And finally my GP Dr.A. One of the lovely old fashioned GP's who does his own visits and really cares about his patients.

MacMillan nurses are experts in palliative care and pain control and within half an hour of leaving Mary a message that I was in trouble she consulted with the hospice doctor, faxed my GP and put Dr P. in the picture. She called me back and told me to double the dose of my MST. 10 minutes later Dr A. phoned to tell me there was a prescription waiting for me at the surgery.

It did the trick. I spent yesterday dozing comfortably and for the first time in days my body felt relaxed and not all tense due to the pain. I took another dose last night and slept like a baby till 2am when I was sick - almost certainly due to the fact I havn't eaten for 3 days. Then slept again till 7am and I've just forced a piece of toast down before my next dose is due.

Now I feel a bit achey, a bit woozy and a bit sicky - but SO much better than I did.

How lucky am I to have Team Jane ? They are all so dedicated and hard working and when something needs sorting they do it - instantly. No messing about or waiting. It's not just a job to them, I know they really care.

Today is another day. I've hauled myself back from the depression I was slipping into and am positive and hopeful again.

There are also other members of Team Jane. Martin, who has been simply wonderful and not complained once when I was repeatedly waking him up at night. The kids who have been really helpful fetching and carrying stuff for me. And the support and encouragement I have received from comments on here have given me a boost when I really needed it.

So to all of Team Jane - a very big Thank You !!


Anonymous said...

again Jane I have deep deep admaration for you, I am certain that your wonderful Dr P will have the new drug sorted soon, you lady have writen on pages in so many lives, keeping you as always in thoughts and prayers

Jackie said...

Well done Jane I knew you'd rally round and I'm so pleased it's all happening now! You give strength and determination with your positive attitude!
Now with Dr.P on the case I'm sure there's a drug out there with your name all over it in the weeks to come!
Having a positive attitude is more than half the battle. Not always easy to do I know, but we'll get there with each others help!

love Jackie

Alexei said...

First place I turned to this morning, your blog. I'm so relieved that you have subdued the pain. You're much in my thoughts. x

LYN said...



Sybil said...

So glad to read that you are having such great care. You are so deserving of every helper available. I know they, like us, all must admire you so very much.
Contiue taking all the medication they give to you they know what is best. Keep smiling,
Much Love and as always, prayers winging there way for you .
sybil xx

Tattiblue said...

Malcolm is now on 37.5 and side effects much better also seem to be working as well as 50. His Dr is also up for everoilmus so keep on in there!

Deb said...

Happy to hear that you are feeling sooo much better...I never had a doubt that things would improve. Great that you do have Team Jane and you are very fortunate to have such wonderful medical experts and a great family close by when you need them most of all.
Your cyberspace friends are here as well whenever you need us.....
Take care now and get lots of R & R.

Sandy said...

Jane - I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and your positive attitude is back.

Sunil said...

I am sure that you will have new drug sorted soon.


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Anonymous said...


hannah said...

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