Saturday, 31 October 2009

...update from Martin 31/10/09

Jane says Hi to everyone and thank you for your kind comments and flowers. They have really cheered her up. She unfortunately cannot get to a puter until Monday which is a shame because she is itching to post and bring you all up to date.

I am fortunate to work only a couple of miles away from where Jane is and am able to pop at lunchtimes with my sandwiches and watch her eating her three course meal !!
Yesterday I popped in to be told she had been 'wheeled' down the day room where a live guitarist was playing for the patients. I entered the room at the start of the second chorus of 'why why why Delilah' and witnessed a nurse throwing a pair of knickers at the unfortunate fellow. He was even more put off his stride when he discovered that they were a pair of 'Y' fronts !!
Jane was lying on her bed, arms swaying in time with the beat and I'm sure she would have the next to throw, if she had been wearing any !!

As you can gather things are a lot better for Jane and her condition has improved greatly for someone with a broken femur. She is being looked after by a great bunch of people who are well up for a laugh. The food and room are fantastic which goes a long way when you're stuck in a bed.

Jane and her Dr think that next Wednesday will be the first they hear about her operation as it has taken time to order the 'part'.

Oh.. from Jane, don't forget to get your copy of 'Yours' magazine (out 4th Nov) where there is an article written about her fight against Cancer along with some rather 'fetching' piccies.

I have just left her 'eyeing' up OK magazine and jotting down the editors web address... I think its a good job she can't get to a keyboard..!!



Jackie said...

Fantastic news Martin so pleased she's chin up again. How she fights it all I'll never know just hope I can muster her strength of will when the time comes. Please send her my love and I will be in the queue for my magazine on the
4th! I too had an article in there a year ago on kid. cancer and my fight to get Sutent,which I finally won! We must all stick together through this and battle onward! So wish I could visit her but not sure I can drive so far, but I'm with her throughout her trials.
Love to you all,
Jackie x

ADB said...

Great news, Martin, very pleased that Jane is doing so well. Hope it is all upwards now, and that the wait for the op is not that long

Colswife said...

I'm so glad Jane is feeling better and the part for her leg is on its way. The Doctors at the Royal Orthopaedic are great, the did a brilliant job on Colin's Spine and hopefully will do the same on Jane's leg.
Sandy x

pam said...

Hey Martin. Thanks for posting. So glad to hear that Jane Is doing okay. I had a good laugh at the "pants" especially Y fronts! I'm at the hospital on the 4th so I will grab a copy of Yours In the wee shop there. Sending hugs and kisses, and as usual, keeping Jane close to me. Love Pam. xx

Shirley said...

Martin thanks for posting. So pleased to hear that Jane is making progress- Please do give her a hug from all of us from ndc.

shirley xxx

Sybil said...

Martin thank you so much for the latest update on our dear Jane. I am much happier as well that she is at the hospice as they are so caring there. I have my Yours delivered but I have a feeling that Mary will be sent up to the shop for extra copies..
Give jane an extra...gentle...hugg from me.
Take care of yourself.
Love Sybil xx

Andy said...

Glad to hear Jane is on the up! My thoughts are with you all. Andy

Herrad said...

Hi Jane,
Thinking of you.

alexei.pushkin said...

Looking forward to your post tomorrow Jane! Not that Martin doesn't do an excellent job but it'll be nice to hear from you again.

Lori said...

That is very good news! I'm glad she is being so well-cared-for.

Lori said...

P.S. I don't think we can get Yours in the states. Will her article be online?

karen said...

Hello Martin - Please give Jane big hugs from me - I have been offline for the past 10 days or so, doctor's orders! I promised to take a 10 day break from all things cancer related, as I am having real trouble setting the RCC aside and rediscovering the rest of my life. I was sad to read of Jane's femur break, and hope that she gets her surgery very very soon and gets the relief she so much deserves. She is such an inspiration to me, and I think of her and your family often.
Please tell her 'hello' from me and don't forget those hugs.
with best regards and good wishes from across the pond,
Karen in Ottawa Canada

Deb said...

Appreciated the update Martin as no post makes us all worry about how Jane is doing. Glad to hear that her spirits are good and I can imagine she is bringing lots of laughter and good cheer to all those around her.
Tell her to keep doing what she is doing and after the surgery, before long, she will be home and feeling sooo much better.
Sending her my best wishes from "across the pond".......


LYN said...