Sunday, 25 November 2007

Once more unto the breach....

Itch itch itch itch ITCH !!!

Its driving me mad!!  I spend all my time rubbing up against things or begging Martin to scratch my back - I feel like Baloo, the bear from the Jungle Book !

Ive tried everything, every moisturiser under the sun, Piriton - nothing seems to work.  I dont think its actually my skin, I think its under my skin, some kind of allergic reaction.  Im not too worried as Ive heard its a common side effect but it does drive me bonkers at times.

Apart from that Im feeling well, much better in fact.  My arm is still a bit swollen but its a lot better than it was.  Just in time to go back again tomorrow.  And Im ready, more determined than ever in fact.  I still feel so very lucky to have this chance, a chance not many kidney cancer patients get, to get rid of this awful disease.  And if it means another dreadful week in hospital then its worth it.  Every single moment. 

So bring it on !!



jeadie05 said...

I so admire you attitude ,hope the week goes quickly ,will be thinking off you and keep you in my prayers Jan xx

geminisolox said...

Hoping its not too bad for you, your strength is incredible.  Gem xx

rumer136 said...

Will be thinking of you for your second week of treatment, I admire your courage, much love and blessings
Julie xx

faircolleen said...

Thinking of you. . .you have a nice attitude too. You go girl!

mentor4wealth65 said...

Hang tough

David xxx

zoepaul6968 said...

you are battling so well,it is best to think of each treatment one at a time,and to focus,you must feel so very weak though,all of our thoughts and best wishes here in j-land for a remarkable woman,I have been directed here from my friend Tellsg,from a 'bowl of cherries' blog,and I am humbled to be here,pop over to mine anytime hun if you fancy a whinge or a laff,youre most welcome.xx zoe

specialadyfink said...

Hi, I'm Connie,  Zoe posted a nice entry about you in her journal
so I came round for a visit.
You are a very courageous person with the right attitude.
I applaud you.
Come round and visit my journals.
I hope you see something that might brighten your day.

beckiepainton said...

Hi, was directed here through zoe, my mum recently had a kidney transplant and her medication made her skin dry and itchy too. I would spend many hours itching my mum.It was great.She also got very hairy, and took it all with a pinch of salt, even if i did call her orang-arms.But ive got hairy arms too, so she didnt mind,and im not on any tablets! take care! Beckie x

jeanno43 said...

It does sound like a side-effect.  I came over from Zoe to wish you well.

pharmolo said...

Hi Jane,
I was pointed to your blog by Zoe (Domestic Chaos). Admire your attitude and fortitude in the face of adversity, and wish you well with continued treatment. I have professional experience (see screenie) in dealing with people like yourself, and it is revealing for not just myself to read what it is actually like to undergo cancer treatment.


sugarsweet056 said...

I get that itch on my back, as side effect from certain meds. Feels like you could scratch your back off! I love the Baloo comment. LOL
My name's Sugar, I was diagnosed in March with Endrometrial/Uterine Cancer. Be strong, my sister, be a warrior & fight...that's the best advice I can offer. Stay strong in your faith, trust in God.
Come visit me any time...
I have several other journals too, they're listed on my side bar.
Sending up prayers for you & your family.
God bless,

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Jane Zoe pointed me in your direction ~ and I am so glad she did ~ I know what you are going through as I have been there ~ Operation to remove cancer 3 months later it returned so Radiotherapy and other treatments ~ this is now well over 10 years ago and I now have the all clear ~ keep your positive attitide and your faith and like me I know you will beat that dreaded disease and show it who is the boss ~ will be thinking about you ~ Ally x

lpetty420 said...

Hi Jane,

Yet another lead here thru Domestic Chaos and
wanting to let you know that I too admire your
strength and determination.  I can only imagine
what you are feeling and going through.  It's easy
to say be strong but I pray that you are able to!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

mortonlake said...

 i  also  came  from  zoe,(  she  on  commission?)  all i  can  say  is        im  full  of  admiration.   go  girl. my  prayers  are  with  you   tc  mort x

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jane - keep that sense of humour going and that determination sharp, you are so fab.   Will be thinking of you next week and sending good vibes of support.
Luv Jaynee x

ukgal36 said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better..i've heard about that "itch" you just can't scratch..
take care..

kirkbyj05 said...

Guido gave us a 'heads up' to come on over and wish you well.
Like some of your other reader's I too am a cancer survivor.  
Your treatment sounds very aggresive and I want to wish you well for next time you visit Christy's.  I visited there once with my FIL and it seemed then that there were miles of corridors.
You are so brave!  I hope the weeks fly by and you leave all they symptoms behind as you take off on your holiday.
God Bless you and know that I will be praying for your well being.
Jeanie xx