Thursday, 8 November 2007

See you soon !

This may be my last entry for a while for a week or so anyway.

Tomorrow I go to Christies for a CT scan - this is to provide a baseline in order to check if the IL2 is working or not.  Im a bit nervous to be honest, I havnt had one for almost 3 months and although Ive had all the soft tissue tumours removed that appeared (and the horn went of its own accord), a lot can happen in 3 months.  It will be reported straight away though, they have this super dooper computer thingy that does it, so I wont have to wait long for the results.

Andrea, Prof Hs specialist nurse, called yesterday and we had a long chat about what the treatment involved and what I could expect.  She was lovely, I explained that even with my nursing background I felt completely out of my comfort zone and she took the time to put me slightly more at ease.  Im under no illusions though Im in for a very rough ride.

Im being admitted on Monday morning to have my PIC line fitted and then will go to Nathan House, one of the wards where they do IL2.  This sounds more encouraging, at least it isnt a full on ITU - more of an HDU with you having a specialised nurse looking after you.  AND there is a telly!  So I shall be able to watch 'Im a Celeb' (I know Im sad arnt I !) if Im up to it.

Martin has taken the day off on Monday but he will have to leave in time to get back for the kids.  Then I think he will only be able to visit once again during the week so Im going to be very much on my own.  I dont really mind that.  When Im ill Id rather be left alone and Im not sure I want either him or the kids to see me so poorly.

So thats that.  All sorted.  All I have to do now is pack my pyjamas, cross my fingers, and hope and pray I can beat the odds

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes and prayers, they really mean a lot to me.



infectiia said...

Best of luck for the treatment Jane, im sure you'll come through it fighting.

Pity you cant take a lap top to keep you occupied?

Ill be thinking of you, hope it goes well xx

mentor4wealth65 said...


I will be sending you a constant stream of postive energy. You are more inspirational than you know. Stay strong, stay positive and get well.

Good luck.


rumer136 said...

Jane, I have been reading your blog for a while, and you truly are an inspiration, lots of positive thoughts coming your way while you have your treatment, best wishes.

cayasm said...

Hi Jane i came by your blog via a link, what an incredible year you have and you have face everything with so much bravery, you are an inspiration. the very best of luck on Monday and you'll soon be on that road to RIO.

Big hugs


jeadie05 said...

Dear Jane take my prayers and thoughts with you for a really good recovery and home soon ,and back with us ,also take you all my love Jan xx

jusnow173 said...

Jane,I wish you all the best,you are an incredibly brave lady.You have a lovely family who will support you through this tough time.You are in my prayers. Julie.

goosepool said...

Chin up chick, think of Copacabana beach on Xmas day while we're all here freezing our bits off. You can do it gal!


tellsg said...

Wishing you every good wish there is to wish with this treatment and will be thinking of you.  Hugs, Tells x

andrewfrnd said...

Have just discovered your blog through a link. I wish you all the best and will be thinkinfg of you.