Friday, 9 November 2007

The Scan Man

So, 'Lewis' got me there in record time again today.  He says he hates driving on the M6 but I can positively see the imaginary starting flag go up in his mind the moment we set off.

Christies is much bigger than I originally thought.  Much much bigger.  It seems we had only seem one small wing before.  After wandering the corridors for a while we managed to find the CT Dept - which was packed.  The place is like a conveyor belt, there must have been another 30 patients all having CT scans.  They have 2 machines there so they can sure rattle through the list.

I found this a bit disconcerting and did my 'rabbit caught in the headlights' act again.  The staff were lovely ofcourse, so friendly.  But I miss my Dr M (the scan man).  We used to have a laugh with him, mainly taking the mickey out of the other consultants.  I guess its just a matter of getting used to new doctors and nurses.

Anyway, it was all over quite quickly and painlessly and we set off home.  And sat on the M6 for half an hour going nowhere.  (I then found out its true, he really DOES hate that motorway!)  Eventually arrived home to be told by Cat that a doctor from Christies had been trying to get hold of me.  Crap.  Oh please dont tell me I have to go back??

No.  Apparently I have some 'thickening' of my colon.  Now this IS my territory - bums and bowels - and I know what that could mean so the poor doctor was then bombarded with a dozen questions from me.  I bet she wishes she had never called now !  Ofcourse I know from a CT its impossible to tell whether the 'thickening' is infection, something like colitis, or a neoplasm, but it didnt stop me cross examining the poor woman. 

So now I have something else to worry about, although really at the end of the day it makes little difference.  If it is another metastatic rcc tumour then IL2 is still the way forward.  And the area its in I know its possible to resect it.

I just want to get up there on Monday and get on with it now - this pigging disease has had enough of my time and energy and its about time it was shown who's boss.





jeadie05 said...

Bless your heart ,what a great attitude... go for it Jan xx

mandy31170 said...

Good luck Sprite, thinking of you.  Your attitude towards your illness is amazing, you're so positive.  Mandy xxxx

faircolleen said...

Hello. . .dont know how I landed here but I just want to wish you so many many good wishes. My husband is recovering really well from mouth cancer. . everything he dreaded would happen didnt.Wonderful things happen in the NHS.Thinking of you.

larryzzzz said...

No doubt everyone`s wishing u luck Sprite, and next week must appear so daunting to you and your family, so I`ll just say this : someone with ur attitude can`t fail : grit ur teeth, ride it out, and u`ll soon be walking down a Brazilian beach at xmas..I wish u well.x

tellsg said...

Rooting and Tooting here for you.  Hugs, Tells x