Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bumps and Boob jobs....

So, yesterday I went to see Mr Levick, cosmetic surgeon, at the Priory.  I must admit it was nice to be back there, it smells of coffee and expensive after shave instead of formaldehyde and wee.

I was shown into the waiting room and sat down with about 5 pretty young women who had one very noticeable thing in common.  Very small tits.  VERY small. You didnt need to be a rocket scientist to work out why they were there.  Oh boy this made a change from the 'testicles' I am used to.  I was so glad I had worn a low cut T shirt and puffed out my chest to good effect.

Anyway I was called in to see him and the first thing he said was "I gather you have 2 canerous lumps that need removing - well Im sorry I cant do them"  Which kind of took the wind out of my sails.

He went on to explain that as a cosmetic surgeon his main work was boob jobs (as if I hadnt guessed) and face lifts.  To remove any kind of cancer you have to be 'acredited' and few cosmetic surgeons are.


It seems money talks and the demand for breast enhancement and nose jobs is such that they dont need to do any other kind of work.  Which is a pity as he seems a really lovely bloke - I base this purely on the fact he said "I cant do anything for you Im afraid, I can see you are not in need of any kind of breast enlargement" !!

(Thank goodness for Wonderbra !)

Anyway, he passed me on to his secretary Gail, who like Zena (Mr Ds sec) was scarily efficient and knowledgable and soon sorted me out with an appointment to see a Mr Peart who DOES remove cancers.

God bless these secretaries - they really know their jobs and are the Consultants right hand man (woman)

So Im seeing Mr Peart tomorrow morning and hopefully he will whip these lumps out pretty soon.  I have to wait 2 weeks after surgery before starting Sutent so the sooner the better really.

All things considered Im still feeling well.  And with a lot more energy.  Martin took me out on a 'forced march' in the country on Saturday, and despite a bit of shortness of breath I felt fine.  I shall take my stitches out on Friday (or get Nurse Martin to - Im sure he would be terribly disappointed if I didnt ask him)  and then I can go swimming at last.




pharmolo said...

There is a difference between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, Jane. Hope Mr Peart can help you.

cayasm said...

At least you'll be seeing the right person now, and so soon good luck for tommorrow, glad to hear your getting out and about and feeling better, you sound very upbeat, and you have a holiday to look forward to this month.

Take care


ally123130585918 said...

Sorry Mr Levick couldn't help you ~ I would have thought your job was more important that a boob job ~ but if he wasn't qualified best he didn't take you on ~ Glad Gail was such a help to you hope Mr Peart will be able to look after you sooner rather than later ~ glad you are feeling so well ~ yes please get Nurse Martin to remove your sutures I am sure he would be disappointed if you don't :o) Ally x

pamal3 said...

Looks like things are almost on the up! Better to smell aftershave and coffee, every time! lol. Its a pity the surgeon couldn't see you, but I am pleased you found Mr Peart, Now how bad would that look If, he was the one doing the boob jobs with his name? lol. pert or peart same thing really! lol. Glad you puffed them out at the surgeon, I haven't done something like that In ages and might just try that with my bus driver tomorrow morning!! lol. Tell Dr Martin to be gentle! Love Pam xx

mortonlake said...

 hi jane           you  sound chirpy       nothing to do with the  fact  your  figure  better  than  those  girls???  no  didnt  think  so.         good  luck  love.     my  best wishes for  you  always   mort  xx