Thursday, 10 April 2008


Tuesday afternoon and Dr P called.  He had the results of my CT scan and wanted to see me on Thursday (today) after his clinic.  So I guess its not good news then?

For the first time ever we didnt have to wait.  Dr P called us straight into his consulting room.  And I was right, it wasnt good news.

The scan shows that not only do I have the lesions I was aware of, on my scalp, face and two in my armpit, but I also have lesions on my lung, liver, lymph nodes and right hip.  Not very big ones, apart from the one in my armpit, but none the less they are there.

It didnt really come as a surprise to either Martin or I.  The way the lump in my armpit has grown over a few days was a good indicator.

Dr P explained we couldnt really wait any longer.  Even a matter of a few weeks whilst I have the operation on my face and scalp was too long.

It was time for me to start taking Sutent.


He explained how it worked, the side effects and the drugs I could take to counter them, and then wrote the prescription.  Just like that.  I will have 2 cycles (6 weeks each) and then be scanned again to see if its working.

One months supply, in a small brown bottle, costs £3,600.

Thats £128.50 each small orangey capsule.

But to me they are priceless......



momiscool2 said...

Oh You are in my prayers honey,

I will pray that the Sutent works and works FAST for you.

God Bless You!


jeadie05 said...

I pray these tablets are succesful ,God bless you Jan xx

pamal3 said...

I hate life sometimes. I get so flamin angry when I think of you suffering like this. It's so god damned unfair and I am gutted. Keep fighting Jane. If there Is anything I can do, please mail me. I feel so useless. Sending loads of love and big hugs your way. Love Pam xx

tellsg said...

I was sad to see that the scan showed up these other lesions but happy that the sutent has been prescribed and that you can start it straightaway to kill the little buggers.  They are worth their weight in gold and I hope they do everything they should do for you.  Everything and I mean everything is being crossed here in the hope that the results will be good when you have your next scan. Hugs, Tells x

cayasm said...

Fingers crossed that the Stutent works it's magic, and in six wees you'll see an improvement, keep fighting Jane send good thoughts best wishes everything I can thin of wishing you well.

Take care


pharmolo said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Sutent has the intended effect, Jane. Keep us posted.

faircolleen said...

I am sooooooo praying that the sutent works for you.I am relieved that you have been given them because some people dont.Heres a hug. . .god bless you and all your family.

cvgflydis said...

Praying they work and work WELL!
You are in my thoughts!


midsman4u said...

Christ Jane can you ever talk - or type !

Keep up the good work - this Sutent will undoubtedly help

All the best

J x

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....

I hope and pray the Sutent works wonders
for you...keep the Faith....never give up hope!

Big Hugs!

mortonlake said...

hi jane       hope  the sutent works  love,really  do. keep  positive,  you  are in  my  thoughts always.  whenever  i'm having a bad  day      i read  your journal  because  you are giving hope and inspiration to so many  people.      as  for your last posting,about martin.       yes  you are  lucky  you  have him.   but i  think  he  would  say  he is  lucky  to  have  you.      god bless  hun.take  care        love  mort  xxxxx