Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bones and Frocks

With all the CT scans, X-rays, Lymphocintothingys, bone scans and treatments I've had in the past two and a half years you would think I would be radio active enough by now - any self respecting Geiger counter would go haywire in my presence. In fact Martin often jokes you could probably successfully plug an item of electrical equipment into me and it would work. So when I turned up to have a bone scan on Monday morning the radio active injection I was given could have been surplus to requirements.

On Saturday morning I started a course of Dexamethasone, a steroid, and by the evening I was feeling amazingly better. Not only in my joints but in my general health as well. Much brighter and perkier and I was actually hungry for the first time in days. I must admit I was a bit wary of taking them - I really don't want to pile on the weight or grow a beard or look like Arnie - but they certainly have seemed to do the trick.

As I was feeling so much better, after i had been given my radio isotope injection (ouch!) I had a couple of hours to kill before the scan itself so I decided to drag Martin into the Bullring to look for 'the' dress for the launch of the documentary.

Now Martin may be great in many, many ways but Gok Wan he ain't and I wasn't holding out much hope he would be of much help. How wrong was I. We had only been in Debenhams a few minutes and he was pulling out nice, suitable, fashionable frocks - and accessorizing them with shrugs and bags !!

Dress and little cardi were tried on and paid for (by Martin so even better!) in half an hour which has to be a record for me. So that was a huge relief - I was starting to panic a bit.

Back to the hospital and the scan - which wasn't that bad really. Just uncomfortable as you have to lie flat on your back for 40 minutes.

I'll get the results on Thursday when I see Dr. P. but to be honest I'm really not that worried - I feel SO much better than I did last week. What a difference a few days, and a few pills can make. And best of all I've got 'the frock' !!


Jackie said...

Retail therapy that's the way to go always works for me, that and a new hairdo! had mine cut today and tomorrow I'll get hubby to colour it (sutent has unkindly turned me grey, not blonde just grey!) then it's off to Scotland for a couple of weeks r&r staying with my sisters.
How about a pic of 'the' dress for us girly posters on here?

So pleased you're getting back on top of it all xx

Sybil said...

Dearest Jane, I have just come in after a church meeting...and before I went to bed I wanted just to check id there was any news from you...I have been checking two three times every day...worried about you...naw not me !!!
Anyway I can go to bed now with a much lighter heart knowing that you are not now in pain whatever you have to take anything is worth a pain free for retail therapy I think I might just borrow you husband to help me out...especially at the check out !!!
as Jackie saya what about a pin up poster ??

Much Love , sleep well,
Sybil xx

Sandy said...

Jane - I am so glad you are feeling much better and I agree with Jackie - how about a pic of that new dress.

LYN said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful news jane,so pleased you are feeling so much better, hope you have a wonderful time wearing your new outfit

Alexei said...

Steroids and a pretty frock, good news. I'm happy for you. And a picture of the frock would be nice!

Jenn M said...

Good luck with the dex. It's a nasty one but whatever works even in the short term will be helpful.

Sunil said...

I am glade that you feeling so great.


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alan said...

Hi Jane,
Your story is inspiring because of the underlying courage you portray.

Your husband Martin and your children are a seperate cause for inspiration, because they display a different level of courage. The courage of those who know they are going to lose you.

I, and my four children were in this position in January 2001 when my lovely wife Jacky was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, a condition even rarer than Kidney Cancer.
You cannot imagine how much I identify with you and your close family. Best wishes. Alan

alan said...

Hi Jane,

As an aside to my previous message, I also was a police officer with West Midlands Police.

Mainly I served on 'B' Division (Belgrave Road and Kings Heath sub divisions) and later via promotion, Halesowen and West Bromwich.

Because of this,I feel an extra affinity with Martin although I do not recognise him.

This maybe because at the the time his hair was not grey?

Best Wishes,