Saturday, 15 August 2009

The way forward....

It was difficult to imagine there would be a way forward at one time. It felt like everything had come to a full stop - with nowhere to go.

I'm not actually due to see Dr. P. until 27th of this month so it was quite a surprise when he called me on Wednesday - with The Plan.

How many doctors would do that? How many doctors would call and spend over half an hour discussing options and putting your mind at rest that there were still treatments out there which could help you....... plus the fact he had already put these plans into motion? Not many I can tell you.

Firstly, my bone scans and x-rays have been sent to a Mr.G. who is a consultant oncological orthopaedist (bone cancer specialist). The main areas of concern are my femurs. Mr G. will decide if they need any artificial strengthening in the form of a rod inserting, or plating, or some concrete stuff injecting into them (sounds lovely doesn't it?) Because where the tumours are the bones are weakened and at risk of fracturing. So we are waiting to hear his opinion now.

Secondly, I'll be having radio therapy on my legs which will help with the pain and could slow down the growth of the tumours at the same time. Apparently it is really good for pain relief which would be great as I'm still taking 100mg of MST a day to control it. Id really like to be able to lower that. It's not a real problem but I do feel permanently 'tiddly' - like I've had a couple of glasses of red wine !

Thirdly, every 4 weeks I'll be having an infusion of a bone strengthening drug. Dr P. has used it before with his prostate patients and there is every reason to believe it could work for me.

Fourthly - to stay on Sutent.

Finally - Dr P. pointed out that until we hear back from Mr G. I really need to rest my legs. And stay off them. Which is easier said than done because it's totally against my nature - as I'm sure he knows !

So thats the plan - and I like it !

Attack my cancer from all sides - don't give it a moments peace - blast it with radiation, drown it in drugs and give me bionic legs if necessary !!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jane, thank God you have such a wonderful Dr,rest for now, later you will walk tall, Bless you

Sybil said...

Thank you Jane for having such a very strong wonderful outlook on life. You would put many people to shame.. Dear Mr.P. he is a truly good man. Thank goodness for our NHS !!!
Much Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

That's the spirit, Jane, keep fighting, keep firing on all cylinders. Kick that cancer into the long grass if you can. The good ole NHS is there with you, as we are - all the way!

Andy said...

Thats the spirit. Its at times like this that we appreciate the NHS.

Funnyface said...

Hello Jane, hey, what fab news - i do like a plan, and luvit when it comes together ....big hugs for you and Dr P. YAY !!
Big Luv
Jaynee X

Funnyface said...

Me again ! Have jus read your entry about James Passing Out ceremony. I'm so glad you were able to make it. My Tristan is also in the RAF (7 years now) and i remember how i cried and felt so proud of him. I wish James a very happy and prosperous career with the RAF, it can be a fabulous life.
Jaynee X

Sandy said...

Fantastic news! That is one heck of a doctor you got yourself and it sounds like he is on a mission to make you better.

LYN said...


Alexei said...

Great news Jane, I'm very pleased for you. Dr.P is a star, as is his patient!

Yasmin said...

Good for you Jayne your outlook on life is second to none..fight it all the way.

Take care


Herrad said...

Hi Jane,
Amobility scooter would be a good aid to have now.
Take it easy and get well sn,

Emma said...

Wow Jane. P is off to see Dr P tomorrow......
My mum has had that concrete and rods put into a bone (a vertebrae in her case) it made a world of difference to her.
Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your story. I have a blog as .....hope you don't mind - but I put a link to your blog from mine :) Good Luck in the Fight and God Bless!

mortonlake said... do your best hun,never give up,never let it get to you.lovely pics of james,must be so,not you of him.him,of show such remarkable courage that it must rub off on all around you.does me.take care,love mort xxx

Herrad said...

Hi Jane,
Came by to say hello and wish you well.
Hope you are having a good day.

karen said...

gotta love (some of) those docs! i am also blessed with a wonderful oncologist who phones me as soon as he gets my scans to let me know what's up, rather than making me wait for my appt with him a few weeks later. i am so appreciative of his kindness, and i am so thankful to count you as my online friend jane - you really are a wonder - thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us - we are all with you every step of the way.
hugs as always from across the pond.
karen (a.k.a. kje)