Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Barstewards.....

Found out this afternoon that the Police health scheme wont pay for my Sutent.  They exclude chemotherapy in their policy and even when I pointed out Sutent isnt chemo they said that as it was 'chemical oncological treatment' it was still excluded.


All other treatment I need, lump removal, scans etc I can still have in the rarified air of The Priory so I still feel pretty lucky.

So now Im busy gathering all the evidence required for an application for funding to my PCT, South Birmingham.  Luckily I have a few very experienced contacts who have been through this all before and know the 'drill'  The stronger your case to start with the less likely you are to be refused.  However, South B'ham PCT have yet to be tested so we cant anticipate their reaction.  I have my MP, GP, several Councillors and ofcourse Prof Nick and Mr D in my corner.  Plus loads of clinical evidence of the 'cost effectiveness' of Sutent.  A formidable team I think.

We shall see.

They certainly wont know whats hit them media wise if they refuse me !

As you can see from the above Ive decided, as long as Prof Nick agrees, to go for Sutent.  A clinical trial is just too much of a risk, Im feeling too well at the moment and want to stay like this for as long as possible.  Sutent is a trial of its own anyway.  No one knows how long you can survive with this drug, its so new.  So who knows? I may be breaking new grounds and shattering statistics anyway.  And all with half a boob!

Off to see Mr F tomorrow about my lumpy boob.

I wonder if he will pop a couple of implants in while hes at it....I could go in looking like Kate Moss and come out like Jordan !


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infectiia said...

Good luck with the Sutent,  I hope you get it.  
After the media interest in that fella whose parents were gonna sell the house for  his, you can get it on the NHS up here.  YOu could always move?  <joke!>
Fingers crossed for you Sprite.  x