Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Ouch Ouch OUCH !!!!

Had an unexpected thrill today - Mr F took a biopsy of the lumps (theres 2) in my boob.  He seems to have quite a sense of humour though, after telling me it may sting a bit he got this 'gun thingy' and shot it into my boob - 5 times !  But it was ok cos there was a nice nurse there to mop up the blood !  I wonder how he would feel if I shot it into his nads a few times?

Anyway, that was just the start.  Then I had to go for a mammogram - now I dont know if anyone has ever had one but they put your boob in this machine and then squeeze it flat to take the xray - just the thing I wanted after having it stabbed 5 times.  It stopped bleeding after half an hour but in the meantime ruined one of my best bras.

Going back to see Mr F on Saturday morning for biopsy results, but whatever they are, and we are all 99% sure its rcc mets, they are coming out next Tuesday.  I should be in for a couple of days.  Honestly I think they will be naming a wing after me at that hospital soon !

The MDC meeting is on Friday so I have a whole day off tomorrow...think Ill slob around in my jim jams all day!


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